Monday, December 10, 2012

First of December - Tough Tuesday

When we got to bootcamp on the first week of December, we found out we had no stereo and we had to make do in a tough spot. Fortunately, one of my students used her phones speakers to play some music and I decided to reuse the previous week's workout to speed up the class. 

Tough Tuesday Workout - 50 minutes

Warm Up
Run/Jump Rope/Jacks

Workout (3 sets of each of 50 sec on 10 sec off, 1 minute rest in between)
Power Squat (Jump on onto step)
Squat with heavy weights

Jumping Jacks
Single arm row

Hot Feet (30sec) 20 seconds lunge jumps
Reverse lunge with heavy weights

High Knees (30sec) 20 seconds butt kicks
Overhead press

Squat Thrust
side squat

Hot Feet with one Light Weight (curl and press overhead)
Side Raise to Front Raise with Light Weights

Mt Climbers w/bench

Abs for 10 minutes - I made it up as went and I would do sets of crunches, planks and hit all the target areas.
Cool Down and done!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Week Back Workouts: Tough Tuesday & Thursday 11/27&29

This was my first week back to teaching Group Fitness classes in a long time.  With Superstorm Sandy hitting New York and my trip to Disney to run the RunDisney Wine and Dine Half, I barely had time to be at the gym. However, this week I picked up 2 classes plus my 2 regular spins.

For both we used a step, 2 sets of weights and a mat. Both of these are to the best of my memory.

Tough Tuesday Workout - 50 minutes

Warm Up
Run/Jump Rope/Jacks

Workout (3 sets of each of 50 sec on 10 sec off, 1 minute rest in between)
Power Squats
Squat/Curl/Overhead press with heavy weights

Mt Climbers w/bench

Hot Feet (30sec) 20 seconds lunge jumps
Reverse lunge with heavy weights

High Knees (30sec) 20 seconds butt kicks
One legged row with weights (left then right then switch and do regular rows)

Squat Thrust
1st set Left Leg Step Up 2nd set Right Leg 3rd set Alternate w/ bench

Hot Feet with one Light Weight (curl and press overhead)
Side Raise to Front Raise with Light Weights

Abs for 10 minutes - I made it up as went and I would do sets of crunches, planks and hit all the target areas.
Cool Down and done!

Thursday Sculpt Throwdown - one hour
Warmup the same as Tuesday


1. Starting on Right
10 squat curl press
on the bench 20 reverse lunge on the right halfway add a curl, curl press for 10 reps (I used 8lbs)
20 curtsy squats, side raise for 10
20 side steps, alternate front raise for 10
10 pushups with hands on step, right leg stacked on left

2. Start with Squat Curl Press for 10 again and go through all the way to pushups on the left.

3. Squat Curl Press for 10, alternate lunge with curl for 20, 10 regular pushups

4. one leg on bench, heavy weight in opposite arm single arm rows on right for 20, double arm tricep press, sitting on bench do one arm curl on the right, tricep dips,

5. switch sides and go through whole set on other side

6. 20 double arm row with deadlift.

7. no weights single leg squat on right after 20, hold and pulse for 8, repeat OR jumps on single leg for 8.  20 squats with heavy weight and repeat on other side, 20 squats with heavy weight

8. Single leg down curl press, 10 on each side, 20 plie squats.

9. Chest press for 15 w/ heavy weights, sitting on step and leaning back on sit bones legs in and out for 10, repeat 3 times except in 3rd set instead of chest press lower weights and do chest flye.

10 Abs - 20 crunches, 20 crunches legs right and 20 left, 20 reverse crunches, Plank hold for 30 seconds, side plank hold for 10 and 5 reach arm under, switch sides.

Cool Down and done!

These workouts were both really hard and I totally felt them in my legs while going up and down my stairs to the 5th and during spin class on Wed and Friday.  I added in a bit on the elliptical both T/Th and did a bit of running on Wed on the treadmill (awful!).  I went old school in spin classes since I did not have time to prepare music but we had some old school tunes.

Favorite Post Thanksgiving Day Leftover Recipes: Sweet Potato Mac & Cheese, TDay Recipes & Soup

I tried a few new things with leftovers this year as we had quite a few. Mom and Dad were very generous when they came to us for thanksgiving this year. We were lucky they came to us since we'd been in Spain until Wednesday watching a cousin get hitched. YAY! We tried all kinds of new foods in Spain including Churros (yum), snails, duck, and prawns.  Very interesting, but I think we were happy to be home consuming good ol' turkey on Thanksgiving.

After Thanksgiving my favorite leftovers is the plain ol' fashioned fixens sandwich.  Just pile the mashed potatoes, stuffing, turkey, homemade cranberry sauce, and gravy on toasted potato bread and I am a happy girl. I contributed a few things to Thanksgiving including Ina Garten's sausage and herb stuffing, and homemade cranberry sauce. I also made spinach dip (based on Alton Brown's recipe but I cut back on fatty ingredients and put in some Greek yogurt).  I also made stuffed mushrooms thanks to a recipe from Rachael Ray. They were delish.

After Thanksgiving and polishing off 3 sandwiches each, we had some sweet potatoes left, corn muffins, turkey and lots of cheese. What to do?

This. I found this sweet potato mac and cheese online and made the adjustments. It was SUPER good. And it came from a healthy food website. You can see I did not have all the ingredients and added one leftover corn muffin and parm topping and baked it.

Sweet Potato and Brie Mac & Cheese (I did not use brie I didn't have it, added a half cup more the amount of Cheddar and added a 1/4 cup of parmesan also on the top before baking in oven added crumbled corn muffins and parm on top with butter.)
serves 4
  • 8 oz uncooked macaroni or other pasta, preferably whole wheat or whole wheat blend pasta
  • 1 cup sweet potato puree (bake a few sweet potatoes at 400°F for 1 hour, or until soft; puree flesh until smooth; measure out 1 cup)
  • 1 cup milk (skim or 1%)
  • 2 oz (about 4 Tbsp) 1/3-less-fat neufchatel cream cheese
  • 1 cup freshly grated 50% reduced fat sharp cheddar cheese *added a half cup of not so sharp cheddar
  • 1/2 cup good-quality double cream brie cheese, rind removed, cut into cubes *didn't use
  • tiny pinch of ground nutmeg
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
  • added parmesan cheese
  1. Cook pasta according to package directions (I actually prefer to cook my pasta a minute or two less than the lowest cooking time on the package for al dente pasta); drain.
  2. Meanwhile, whisk together and heat sweet potato puree and milk in a medium saucepan over medium heat until just starting to simmer.
  3. Reduce stove heat to low. Whisk in cheeses until fully melted.
  4. Stir in nutmeg. Season with salt and pepper.
  5. Stir drained pasta into the sweet potato-cheese sauce and mix until thoroughly combined.
  6. At this point, the mac & cheese might appear a bit soupy. If this is the case, let the mixture sit off of the heat for a few minutes. The cheese sauce will firm up as it slightly cools.* I instead baked it in the oven - Billy liked this, this makes it less cheesey and soupy and a little more potatoey. I liked the gooey cheese but Billy ate it better baked.
  7. I addded in a cup of frozen peas and stirred them in
  8. Baked at 350 for 20-25 minutes with a topping of crumbled corn muffins and parm cheese and pats of margarine.
  9. Serve with an extra dusting of nutmeg, if desired.
With the turkey I made Michael Chiarello's  next day Turkey Soup. Since we loved his restaurant in Napa, it seemed perfect.  We're having it tonight with homemade pizza. YUM! I did add some leftover herbs to this recipe I'll admit and tried to use as few pots as possible. For veggies I used brussel sprouts and broccoli.

Happy Thanksgiving and Keep on Tri'n!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Finally - Post Sandy Stress Reliever Workout

Due to Hurricane Sandy - the gym in Hoboken had been closed for a week and upon reopening had no early AM classes, meaning no workouts for me, especially with the commute taking forever.  I had been meaning to venture over there since we opened over the weekend but the sunny weather drew me outside to run, especially in prep for our RUN DISNEY experience this weekend.  But our storm blowing in for today and dropping temps meant I wanted to take my workout inside.

So with the help of FB and Twitter, this morning a fellow instructor and I met with a member to FINALLY get in a little bit of cardio and weights in the gym.  It was a nice break from running and my quads and calves were on fire, especially with all the extra stair climbing post Sandy.  5 flights up and down plus lots of subway stairs.  Goodness!

We also got in a good pre workout trekking up the 7 flights to Sky Club in Hoboken.  We alternated instructors for 2-3 minutes for about 45 minutes, getting in a good workout and burning 400-500 calories. YES! I am hoping I remembered everything we did - hopefully if I missed something trying to remember between this morning and work - it can be added in the comments. Thanks!

Post Sandy Stress Reliever Workout
Need: Step with one riser, mat, heavy and light weights

3 laps around the Studio
Side Step (L&R Lead) 2 laps
1 lap of High Knees
1 minute run
1 minute jacks (holy calves)
1 minute jump rope (again!)

2 minutes up and over on a low step
1 minute of burpees


2 minutes - Off the skinny edge of step mt climbers (try to get your feet to the outside of the step)
4 cts and 4 cts jump lunge.

1 minute of squats with heavier weights


1 minute per side - leg lift and row (L leg extends up as you reach down with right hand and row up with weight in left hand - my compliments to Kerry) Alt L&R side.
1 minute holding boat pose from Pilates (hard!!)


2 minutes burpee with a pushup in front of the step step forward and knee up on the step (alternate sides)
1 legged squat, curl and press (L&R)


1 minute of upper body work (side raise, press front with straight arms, pull back, lift up and release to sides - another killer Kerry combo)
1 minute row and tricep press.


1 minute Low Jack on the Step 
1 minute power squat (stay low and jump, land softly) with hands interlaced behind your head


30 seconds for obliques - side plank (fully extended or knee down) reach hand that's in the air under your side
30 seconds hold
Switch sides


Friday, October 26, 2012

Super Green Smoothie and Super Playlist

Today was a ROUGH day.  I would've loved to have slept in until noon but unfortunately Spinning duty called EARLY.  So I decided to start the day with my new favorite playlist! Not driving to work I don't get updated on the latest top 40 hits but with the Rush Cycle class the other day and some research I put together a pretty super playlist.

Super WED/FRI Playlist
Mumford and Sons - I Will Wait - Warm Up
In My Mind (Axwell Mix - 6min) - Ivan Gough - Moderate Hill - Run in 2 and Jumps (8cts, 4cts, 2cts)
Try - P!nk - Hill climb - saddle - up to 3 on the chorus
The Time (Dirty Bit) - Black Eyed Peas - Flush and then 40-20 temp and sprint 4x
Pound the Alarm - Nicki Minaj - Run in 2 at the chorus pick up the pace then at pound the alarm 2 ct jumps
Push and Shove - No Doubt - Hill Climb - all saddle on the chorus when it slows up add A LOT of road and really climb up
Mountain Sound - Of Monsters and Men - Recovery 90 seconds and then a run in 2, ending in a light climb
One More Night - Maroon 5 - Hill Climb in 3
Catch My Breath - Kelly Clarkson - seated sprint - double time at the chorus
White Ladder - David Gray - Cool Down

Super Smoothie
I came home and had an awesome green smoothie. Mixing together the following in the Bullet:

1/2 cup Silk Light Soymilk
4 strawberries
6-8 pieces of pineapple - precubed from store
Big tablespoon full of chiobani vanilla yogurt
Handful of spinach

It turns a nice shade of pinky green - I enjoyed it while taking a look at my flowers and then heading to yoga at Sky Club for early lunch yoga!

Remember to ask your doctor before doing any exercise and to enjoy and keep on tri'n! For more information on spinning check

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout #15: Burpee Bonanza Bootcamp, 8 Mile & RushRyde

Over the weekend, I was looking at workouts and determining what to do this week and I came across a burpee ladders workout. I thought I could incorporate it into the class and do circuits, which seems to be a good format for the class. Scroll down for workout...about halfway.

If you are unsure how to do a burpee (also known as squat thrust) or what it is, check out this video from Crossfit on youtube to see how it is done.  They include a modification to the knees which you may need.

This exercise fires up the whole body, I could feel the burn in my legs after a weekend of working out.  This weekend, in preparation for the half marathon in Disney, we ran 8 miles along the Hoboken Waterfront in the evening - we spent the morning cleaning, shopping and running errands and somehow the day flew by and it was 5 pm.  It was a long, slow run since I had eaten oddly all day and upon setting out on the run, immediately got stomach sick.  Great....  But, we finished.  Below is a view of the waterfront from stockphoto.  We were wishing we had a camera because the twilight and trees framing the Empire State Building as we ran down 15th Street was amazing.

 Then on Sunday I tried Real Ryder from Spinning at Rush Cycling in Hoboken. Under the first link you can see a review of the Real Ryder which is 100% accurate.  I felt fine on the bike and was prepared to take it easy until I stood up and was astounded at how hard the bike rocked back and forth and how hard it was to control.  And, I did feel my abs engage as soon as I started turning right and left. I will say the instructor, Gary, was great and had amazing music.  I left the class feeling inspired to create a new playlist and to try this again. I was curious about certification and will definitely speak to him again in the Winter months. Standing is definitely the most difficult position to grasp, as the seated lean and look feels odd but understandable. That afternoon we went down to the D&R Canal near Rutgers for our annual Halloween Ride. This picture is old from 2 years ago, this year was MUCH warmer. I was wearing shorts, a tank top and compression arm sleeves (which B. thought were insane.) Pics from this year are on Billy's camera which probably means we'll never see them. We did about 16-20 miles, not sure since I was using the mt bike on the trail.

Tough Tuesday Workout #15
 So needless to say for the Burpee Bonanza I was exhausted.  We also put in a decent 3.1 miles last night before it got too dark.

(We are in a decent sized studio room for group fitness classes)
Warm Up

Same as usual - March, Run, Jump Rope, Jacks
Warm Up the Legs, Arms with light squats, lunges and stretches.

Do 10 burpees run to one side of the room and back 8 burpees, run again, 6, run, 4, run, 2 and done.


Circuit  - heavy weights
10 Overhead Press with half squat
10 Power Squat Jumps
10 Bicep Curls
10 Lunge Jumps (land softly)
10 Curl and Press
20 Squats
20 one legged rows L&R (20 each)
10 one legged squats L&R (10 each side)

Repeat that Set

Abs - Sitting up tall with legs slightly bent and toes up, roll back halfway, repeat 10x and 10 hold for 4 (grabbing under knees if you need to). Repeat 3x. Roll all the way back tap behind and roll up for 10.  Roll onto back, legs up, bent to 90 degrees, 10 tiny crunches, turnover hold plank 30 seconds.

Back to Burpees
Repeat in reverse so start with 2, run and so on adding 2 each time up to 10.


Repeat 1 round of our circuit subbing in split stance lunge with weights for the lunge jumps. 

20 crunches
Turn legs to right at 90 degrees - 10 crunches and repeat on left.
20 reverse crunches
Side plank, thread arm under stomach 5x, repeat on opposite side.


Remember to check with your doctor before doing any workout and to always Keep on Tri'n.  Enjoy the burpees and you can always modify them. By the end I was doing a few pushups on my knees and had to step back for numbers 5,6,7 out of 10 on the very last set. My quads were burning with the squat thrust after the running and biking. This is a pic of me in Ireland doing a burpee at Mt. Slemish near Belfast. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout #14: Post Birthday Workout

Today's workout I wanted to do something a bit different and not use of a lot of equipment.  It was just after my birthday, which was Monday. Happy Birthday to me!

Tough Tuesday Workout #14

I had everyone grab a weighted bar and a mat (and later for circuits, dumbells). 

We warmed up with jacks, running and jump rope as usual and did some squats, stretches for the legs and glutes and some lunges.  After a few quick overhead stretches and warming up for the back, we were on our way.

We did 3 sets of 3 exercises using the whole room

Set #1 (3x each)
Walking Lunges across the room down and back.
Shuttle Run back and forth 2x

Set #2
Side lunge down and back
Shuffle, staying low, down and back

Set #3
Putting a weighted plate on a towel, push the towel across the floor, down and back
Shuttle run back and forth 2x

Water Break

20 squats
15 bicep curls
20 reverse lunges each on R&L
15 overhead press
20 bicycles for the abs
10 burpees (competition style)

20 sissy squats, heel is up on a weight (See Jackie Warner do them in the link provided)
10 pushups with twist, pushup, rotate to right while lifting right arm, center, pushup, twist and lift left
20 lunges reverse lift the knee
10 pushups with a twist
20 dead lifts
10 pushups
50 crunches

Repeat Circuit #1 (cutting reps in half b/c of time).

Hold plank 30 seconds, quick turn 50 crunches.

Cool down and stretch. Took about 55 minutes.  It seemed to go over well because it was something new and different. I'll try something similar again...maybe next week.

My cake courtesy of one nice guy. 

I definitely had to work off my birthday calories as I had had some birthday cake and a great dinner at Hoboken's Clinton Social where I had a pumpkin martini, which was amazing.  Thanks to Hoboken Girl for the recommendation!

The pumpkin martini.

Birthday Run
Despite the tremendous amount of calories I took in, I did start my birthday out right.  You'll remember in my last post I was eager not to get sick because we were doing the Rock n Roll 10k in Brooklyn that Saturday Oct. 13th? We were up at 5a.m. and in a car to Bk.  We met Eileen by 7 and we were running by 7:40.  And it was FREEZING. New York was so cold that day - in the 30s!!  I wore my compression socks and shorts but changed right after the race into a fleece.  We got complimentary beers after the race and there was a good band playing but we didn't lost long because of the COLD. Then we went to a nice warm brunch place where we had many, many mimosas and Eileen and I split frittata and pancakes.  I must say, despite the COLD, I was very glad to start my  day in Prospect Park with a nice run.  The next day we had a nice bike ride, in warmer weather on Long Island. A pic of the happy running trio with our heavy medals. 

Rock and Roll 10K in BK on October 13, 2012. COLD!

Remember to always talk to your doctor before starting any exercise and keep on tri'n.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tough Tuesday (Wednesday) Workout #13: DC, Wed Sub & Bday Wkend

This weekend we enjoyed a whirlwind weekend trip to D.C. My first time ever in D.C. (I know - poor parenting).  We enjoyed our stay immensely, I was thrilled to explore the Spy Museum, the monuments and go for a run on the national gallery.  Unfortunately, it was freezing which meant I had to go to City Sports and by more running gear.  Oh NO! The horror.

Photo is courtesy of the internet.  I loved the Spy Museum but it was pouring down rain and I did not get a chance to take many pictures. It was also freezing cold. We had said we were going to go biking but just did not get the chance. We did do a lot of snacking in the car ride down, random eating and eating out at nice restaurants including Clyde's and Cafe Milano in Georgetown.  We were on total food overload. I felt horrible during our 5 mile run around the gallery.  However, by the time it was done, I felt great.  And I loved my new hot pink compression socks. Awesome!

So our food explosion continued when we came home and ordered pizza. Not a good way to start the week.  So Tuesday morning I woke feeling nauseous and slightly sick - all that time in the rain and running wasn't make me any healthier. So I when I went to the gym I used an old stand by - Tough Tuesday Workout #9 and held myself back so I wouldn't feel awful.  Worked like a charm, I was back in the saddle on Wednesday morning - literally - back in the Spinning cycle and by Wednesday evening had gone for a quick run and was back to sub Total Body Sculpt Wed Evening. All of this was at Sky Club in Hoboken (photo courtesy citistructure) and I was subbing for another amazing instructor.

Total Body Sculpt Workout

Warm Up
March - 16 ct
Run (butt kicks) 1 minute
Jacks 1 min
Run 30 seconds
Jump Rope 1 minute
Run 30 seconds
Walk it out 8 ct
Squats - 8
Lunges and Stretch the legs both sides, warm up the back and you're ready to party.

Circuit 1
Reverse lunge with light weights off the step - 20x right
Bicep Curl on one legl 15 times
Curtsy Squat Right off step 20 times
Lat Raise 15 times
2 sets: 10 squats with heavy weights - 10 pushups (your choice on style)
10 competition burpees - drop to floor instead of pushup

Left side same routine except instead of competition burpees roll up your mat and jump over back and forth 10x
1 more set of 10 squats and 10 pushups (so you have 50 total)

Circuit 2:
20 one legged rows, heavy weight, L&R
20 squats with heavy weight - one squat means going down, halfway up, down again all the way up
10 one legged rows, heavy weight, L&R
10 each side one legged squats, with overhead press, with or without weight
5  one legged rows, heavy weight, L&R
10  squats with light weight held overhead - one squat means going down, halfway up, down again all the way up
15 upright rows - elbows up!
15 plie squats

Circuit 3
20 crunches sitting on step - knees in and out - sit on sitbones
10 tricep dips
15 chest press
Stand up with one foot on end of step - 15 one legged lunges no weights
20 crunches sitting on step - knees in and out - sit on sitbones
10 tricep dips (want more of challenge - weight on your lap)
15 chest press
 Stand up with other foot on end of step - 15 one legged lunges no weights
10  crunches sitting on step - knees in and out - sit on sitbones

With heavy weight - side (oblique) crunches standing up.
Hold Plank 30 seconds.

Cool Down and stretch.

Awesome workout fit in just about 45-50 minutes. And a great way to make me feel good and fit in some weights mid week - I am trying to avoid too many weights at the end of the week and roll back on running as for my birthday weekend my friends and I are doing the NY Rock and Roll 10k (6.2) for my 32nd bday. Can't wait!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout #12 Kickbox and Circuits

 I had missed kickboxing and wanted to incorporate it into a workout so with a step and heavy weights I had the class pick up some light weights - this incorporates a few different ZWOW from Zuzana light into the workout. *note this workout is slightly different than the one in class because I made some moderate improvements - meaning I hope to use it in the very near future again.

 Same as always - Jog, jacks, jump rope (3 J's) and some light stretching as well as squats and lunges to warm up the big muscle groups. Don't forget to warm up the back with some cat/cow.

We started off with a cardio/kickboxing set

1 min jump rope
1 min jacks
16x Jab
16x Jab Cross
Both sure to do both sides 
16x kicks on R&L

Circuit 1:
10x feet elevated pushups
10x competition burpees - no pushup drop to stomach
20x squats
20x mt climbers
10x roll up (abs)

Circuit 2:
10x Wood Chop and Cross Body (down to right foot, left foot, cross body to right and left)
side to side jump with a kick

1 min jump rope
1 min jacks
16x Hook
16x Upper
Both sure to do both sides 
16x side kicks on R&L

Repeat Circuits 1 and 2

1 min jump rope
1 min jacks
16x Jab, Cross, Hook, Upper

16x knees on R&L

Repeat only Circuit 1

Hold Plank for 1 minute
20 sit ups
20 obliques R&L
20 bicycles
20 reverse crunches

Cool Down and Stretch.

Make sure to speak to a dr before starting any workout and have fun and keep on tri'n!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout #11: Burpees Galore

On Monday Zuzana Light posted a workout that involved doing 4 burpees every minute between exercises from there was born today's workout. If you've never seen a burpee - here is video of Zuzana Light from her Old BodyRock days doing one. (image is from the web - not me)

 Same as always - Jog, jacks, jump rope (3 J's) and some light stretching as well as squats and lunges to warm up the big muscle groups. Don't forget to warm up the back with some cat/cow.

I split the workout in 2 with abs in the middle...

Round 1:
5 burpees
Pushups (options - feet elevated or hands elevated) 15 total
5 burpees
Squats with heavy weights - 30 reps
5 burpees
Bicep curls 15/Overhead Press 15/Curl and Press - 10
5 burpees
Sissy squat (heels are up on a set of weights places side by side- taken from Jackie Warner so see her do it via the link) 30 resps
5 burpees
Shoulder raise
5 burpees
20 power squats up onto the step (if you don't have step, use a stair in your house or just power up and jump up straight and land lightly)

1 minute hold in plank
20 crunches center
20 crunches knees right
20 crunches knees left
20 bicycles
20 double crunches - lift hips and shoulders
10 hip raises (squeeze glutes)
10 dble crunches
10 bicycles
10 crunches knees left
10 crunches knees right
 10 crunches center
30 second plank hold
Standing up using heavy weight, hold in right hand on right side of body, bend to right, do 15 and switch.

Round 2:
5 burpees
25 lunges each leg with back foot on the step (no weights)
5 burpees
20 one-legged rows R&L
5 burpees
50 Alternating lunges light weights
5 burpees
10 side to side jumps over your rolled up mat - back and forth counts as 1
5 burpees
10 chest presses on the step or floor, 10 reverse flys, 10 skull crushers (tri), 10 tricep dips
5 burpees
10 each leg - one legged squat as low as you can go (I am nowhere near a full pistol squat and I think my knees might give out if I did one so do what you can)

DONE! And Cool down.
I got my first dirty look today with all the burpees and who can blame them it's 60 burpees total and my classes did a bang up job.  I salute them. Amazing! Below is a picture of me doing a burpee on our trip to Ireland in 2011.

Remember don't do any workout without checking with your doctor and be well and keep on tri'n.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout #10: Rockin' & Runnin' & Lazy Lasagna

Over the weekend my boyfriend and I ran the O'Connell's 5k Run in Union City.  It was his first 5k since 2009 so he wasn't sure how it would go and neither would I since I didn't feel as if I'd gotten any rest since the triathlon last weekend. All in all not a bad day.

The race was right near us so we literally ran up to the light rail, took the elevator, and walked a few blocks to the start.  We jogged to the light rail to warm up.  While I enjoy running, I am a terrible runner who has knowledge of my pace, form, etc.  We wanted to use this race to go at a 10 min mile pace consistently - which we did finishing just over 31 minutes.  It felt good and the weather was great. I am glad triathlon season is over because it means no more traveling, no more getting up at 5 a.m. and no more remembering gear and IDs. It was nice to have a race start at 9:30.

On Sunday we ran a recovery run and last night (Monday) we went to the track for our first "track" workout.  We ran a warm up 1 mile and then did 6 x 400 repeats at roughly a 2:15 pace.  We walked about 30 seconds - 1 minute after each repeat and ran down only a lap and half (mostly because I was trying to get home to catch the end of Bones and beginning of Major Crimes).

After the sprint workout we did a few pushups and tricep dips, well one set since that's all my running partner could handle. However after sitting for awhile watching Bones I was the one who was in pain trying to walk down the hall to the showers.

For dinner I had made the "lazy girl's lasagna" a few nights ago and we finished it up last night. Basically it's baked penne, when I am too tired to go out and buy lasagna noodles. I make lasagna filling and layer sauce, noodles, filling and in here instead of meet I added a layer of finely chopped zucchini since I have zucchini in droves from my farm market adventures. After the race Sat, we'd walked down the farm market and I bought out the zucchini.

For Tough Tuesday I was out of ideas so I checked out Bodyrock and was inspired by their lastest workout to make up one of my own.

Warm Up - same as always: Jog, Jump Rope Jacks, light lunges and squats and stretch. 

Round 1: (10 seconds rest after each)
15 pushups with feet on step or hands on step (hands on step and elevation of upper body makes this exercise a little easier)
30 seconds: 5 high knees and half burpee (no pushup)
15 squats with heavy weights
30 seconds: high knees
10 curl press
30 seconds: Jack
Lunges R & L 25 each no weights
30 seconds Jack
10 spiderman pushups
30 seconds - side to side jump
10 each side one legged row
30 seconds mt climbers
15 plie squat with weight front raise

Round 2: Abs (in the middle)
20 crunches center
10 crunches right (left shoulder right knee)
10 crunches extend right leg out to side in quarter of an "X" and bring R knee to L elbow
Repeat those 10 & 10 on opposite side
Flip over onto forearms into forearm plank
Lift R leg as high as you can, holding leg up move to right, back to center lower, repeat on left. 10 x total.
Come onto knees, lean onto right hand on side, extend top leg, lift and lower for 10x, push hips up or come to side plank (hold 15 seconds). Switch sides and repeat
On step or floor, sit back on sit bones and extend legs in and out, trying not to lean into your hands and wrists. 15 x
Using a step, chair or bench, squat down and press up (no weights) lifting up your knee 15x each side
Bicycles 20x 
Standing up hold weight in one hand, bend at waist, 15x each side
Move one raiser away from bench so you have an incline, lay with head at higher part and lift up hips for 10
Turn and face the other way so butt is at high part lay back 10 crunches and 4 roll ups (at your pace!)

Round 3:
Repeat Round 1 due to time I cut back the 30 seconds to 20 seconds and cut back the 15 reps so everything was 10 reps and we did one more set of crunches & bicycles at the end (15 each) and it was about 52 minutes and 55-60 with stretching at the end.

Cool down - Stretch. 

Make sure you check with a doctor before starting any kind of workout and work at your own pace. Great Job and Keep on Tri'n!

I made sure to tell the classes about a great event going on in Hoboken - the Get in the Spirit 5K Launch Party!  On Wed, October 3, 2012 at the Hoboken Melting Pot from 6:30 to 9:30.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout #9 (Tabata Inspired...again)

I wanted to get this one out before I forgot it because it really was a great workout and I can feel it slipping from my mind already.  Obviously my impending 32nd birthday does mean my mind is slowing down.

Tabata is a high-energy interval workout designed to get your heart rate up and accomplish a hard workout in 8 minutes working hard for 20 seconds and 10 seconds rest. I typically combine an tabata-inspired style into my workout when I do it. 

Same as usual.  Run, jump rope and jacks to get the heart rate up followed by stretching and some squats and lunges to warm up the big muscle groups.

Round 1 - Tabata Inspired
4 minutes - 20 seconds on 10 off alternating high knees and hot feet/football run.
4 minutes - 20 seconds on 10 off alternating jump lunges and mt climbers

Total of 8 minutes


Round 2 - no weights
20 James =Bond style lunges (step forward on right, hands clasped in front of chest pointer figure out in 'gun' and twist to right).
10 power squat jumps
20 James Bond style lunges on left
10 power squat jumps
10 push ups
10 roll ups for the abs.

Repeat all.

Round 3
4 min 20 seconds on and 10 off  alt burpees sans push ups and side to side jump.
Total 4 minutes


Round  4. 
Side lunge to the right step center, power jump up.
10 squats with heavy weights
Side lunge to Left
10 squats with heavy weights
10 overhead press heavy weights
10 chest press on step
10 reverse crunch on step

Round 5. 
4 min 20 seconds on and 10 off alt hot feet/ftball run and butt kicks
Total 4 minutes


Round 6
10 lunges r and l
sit on step concentration curl 10 on each side
10 skull crushers for triceps (lay on step bend arms 90 degrees).
10 bridges

Round 7 Abs

Crunches - 20
Bicycles - 20
Hold up for 1 minute
Plank for 1 minute

Cool down. 

Awesome job!  Check with a doctor before starting any workout and Keep on Tri'n!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout #8: Heating Things Up! (Tread and Shred Wrkout)

Tuesday the studio was experiencing some serious heat after being closed up since 2 p.m. the previous day in observance of labor day. Classes were also looking slim as was the club - no one likes to say good bye to summer.

After doing my usual warm up of jacks, running, jump rope and stretching, I was drenched.  I did not think I could anyone's heart rates up without worrying about the impact the heat would have.  I encouraged them to drink water and decided we needed a new location to drive the heart rates up.

I had just done a treadmill workout prior to coming in to the room and thought it might be a good way to get them out get hear rates up without having anyone keel over. 

I had tucked a copy of Fitness Mag's recent article on a tread and shred workout designed by a professional and had gone through it that morning. When forced to work out on the treadmill I need a game plan and like to do intervals to burn max calories and get off. I hate the treadmill everyday. Great spinning tune! (side note).

So I did an abridged version for the class with a one minute jog, one minute butt kicks, 30 seconds side step one way, then the other for 30 secs and then back to butt kicks for one minute and one round of intervals 1 minute speed and 30 secs walking x3 sets. And one minute walk or light run cool down. About 10 minutes total.

Back in the studio we used heavy weights and no weights, keeping the head above the heart.

Heavy weights
10 squats
5 curl and press
Repeat 5 times

No weights - 25 reverse lunge and knee and 15 elevated pushups x 2. w/ the heavy weights row with one foot up on the step 10 each side.

Heavy Weights again
Dead lift x 10
Overhead press x 5
Repeat set 5 times
Chest press 15 reps x 2 one set fast, one set slow 

No weights
Curtsy squat and lift leg out to side x 20
Tricep dip x 10
x 2 sets for each.

Crunches - front, side L&R x 20
Reverse Crunch x20
Bicycles x 20
1 minute hold hallowing out abs and crunching up
release and stretch
Arms and legs up and head and chest and lower arms and legs out to side and lift up x 20
Bicycles x 20
1 minute hold hallowing out abs and crunching up
release and stretch
turn over and hold plank
release and stretch
hold plank and lift right leg up as high as you can then out to side, in and back down. repeat 10 x and then switch to left. *

I used some of the moves again when I taught abs on Wednesday. I also brought in some of my fav Krav moves like one leg burpees - making one leg squat, curl, press harder :), resting on your stomach with your arms out to the side and lifting chest up and then pressing up into plank, and also prisoner get ups (getting up w/out using your hands and crossing one leg over the other - see photo of Zuzana).  We also grabbed the ball and put it at our shins and pulled our knees in or lifted up to a plank.  We also used the ball to do hamstring curls, which I hate but are so good for you.  (Pressing heels into the ball and curling in the hammies - ouch!) Because the class was pretty quiet (2) and they are both in good shape, I was able to play around with more challenging exercises. We started off simply like I had in the previous class with the crunches and bicycles. We did the plank exercises which is no joke.  The 20 minutes we had went by quickly. Sometimes it's fun to mess around with challenging moves.

*If you wanted to do this on your own you could insert the run/walk intervals between each section of weights/no weights and cut back on the abs and have a workout that's just over an hour and gets in some great cardio. 

Before working out make sure you get clearance from a doctor.  Have fun and keep on tri'n!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout #7: Room to Move Workout

Because I am teaching Sculpt on Thursday this week, I wanted to make the Tuesday a.m. boot camp really different so I decided to use the whole room and limited equipment rather than my standard step and 2 weights and mat. (Before exercising you should check with a physician and get clearance and if you aren't sure you have proper form - see a personal trainer before starting a program on your own.)

We warmed up the same way we always do with a little light running, butt kicks, jump rope, 50 jacks and then squats and lunges (half way down) and some light stretching of the whole body. Then back to light jogging. All we needed to do was one set of weights and a mat. (And some room to move).

Section 1:
3 Rounds
Run to one side of room, competition burpee, dropping all the way to the floor push up and jump up x 10.
Run back 10 squat jumps with punches (squat down jump up off the floor and punch fists out)

1 minute Rest

Section 2: (equipment - mat)
10 spider man pushups (knees go out to elbows like spider man climbing the wall)
25 squat jumps with punches
10 dive bomber pushups
10 lifts to left (lay on left side on left butt cheek, left arm out to side, right hand behind head, lift up head and knees crunching into right oblique.
10 switch to right
10 roll ups (roll up and down, pretend to be holding a beach ball and tap it behind)
15 reverse lunge and kick L
15 on the right
Hold Plank 15 seconds

Section 3:  
3 Rounds 
Triple Step to one side when reach it 10 high knees in place and 10 mt climbers
Triple Step back - plyo hold on wall in a squat for 15 seconds

rest 1 minute 

Section 4: Heavy Weights (as heavy as you can keeping form)
10 squat - curl - press
15 one legged one arm row (stolen from Krav)
15 on opposite side
10 ab exercises (sit on floor weights to the side in your hands, push up off the ground and push your butt back past the weight, curling your abs in - aim for 10 or play with it for one minute).
10 one legged curl and press
10 on opposite side
10 back lift, press up (lay on floor - arms out in "T" lift head and shoulders, lower, hands to side of chest, press up, hold 2 seconds, lower, repeat)
5 staggered hand push ups
5 on opposite hand in front
25 squats with weights

Section 5:
lateral slide across the room, hot feet drill for 30 seconds, jabs
lateral slide across the room, hot feet drill for 30 seconds, hooks
lateral slide across the room, hot feet drill for 30 seconds,uppercuts
lateral slide across the room, hot feet drill for 30 seconds, knees (pretend to be breaking a board over your knees as you pull them up).
one more set as fast as you can touch hands down and back.

 rest 30 seconds

Section 6: Abs
Crunch x 20
Side Crunch L x 15
Center hold and round out Abs for one minute
Side Crunch R x 15
Center hold and round out Abs for one minute
Side Plank L - lift Hips
Same on R
Plank hold 15 seconds

Cool Down and Stretch

Keep on Tri'n and Enjoy whatever you do!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Quick Oatmeal Pancake Breakfast

When I woke up this morning it was incredibly late.  I was supposed to get up and go for a run but my late nights recently catching up on TV and trying to get through our piles of laundry caught up with me and I needed to sleep in.  They say rest is critical to training so I decided to take that seriously and get in 7 hours.  Plus, I figured I'd have a chance to run this evening and maybe even have a buddy along.  I have been very sore lately. I am not sure from what but I am feeling like I need to drag my legs up the subway steps.  Perhaps from kickboxing Tuesday. Anyway, I needed a fast breakfast I could take with me.

I had read on Run Eat Repeat about a pancake Monica made from instant oatmeal and a egg.  That sounded great with some blueberries.  Unfortunately, I had no eggs. I used my last egg on our pasta last night. I did a play on pasta carbonara.  No bacon though.  Broccoli instead.  And white beans and an extra egg for extra protein since my boyfriend had worked hard at Habitat for Humanity yesterday. It wasn't bad.  We'd had leftover spaghetti so it was easy to throw together all the ingredients except the egg and cheese and heat it up with olive oil and garlic and then remove from the heat and stir in the egg and cheese. Just try not to let things scramble.

So breakfast.  So I combined the oatmeal (Ocean Spray Cranberry Pomegranate), a little water, a tsp of chocolate whey protein and it because it still seemed like it'd flake apart due to the fact I was eggless, a tsp of almond butter. I plopped it in a skillet and it held together and flipped easily.  I put it in a to-go container with blueberries and a tbl spoon of maple syrup.  Just about 300-400 calories and easy in the morning.  And once I arrived at work to taste. Delicious - the almond butter and choc came through against the cranberry and it was a nice combo.  The texture and consistency were good.  It held up even with syrup and I put could spear a bite of pancake and blueberries without trouble. It wasn't the prettiest to look at so no pictures.  I would definitely do it again  - it's a great way to eat oatmeal.  Especially since in the summer I NEVER want to eat anything hot like oatmeal. And I love pancakes - they were my favorite food as a kid and are still to this day my favorite. They are also my favorite post triathlon treat. I often make them for Billy when we come back from biking. They are delicious but reserved for weekends since they take forever, especially since I like to play with my pancakes. Sometimes I make them from scratch and sometimes I add ingredients with the Bisquick. Usually vanilla and honey but after our Cali trip I did honey, blueberries and lemon extract. Those were good! I also have added flax and honey when I wanted to go healthy.  I always use low fat milk.  Anyway, who says you can't play with your food.


Happy morning breakfast and keep on tri'n! 

Here is a link to Run Eat Repeat's easy pancake recipe
Easiest Pancake Ever

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout #6: Run-spired! 8.21.12

I had no inspiration and no motivation for creating a workout for this morning.  I had no motivation at all over the weekend. I was VERY tired on Friday and had done a couple 2-a-days so I decided the ol' body hadn't gotten enough rest post Niantic Bay triathlon (hadn't taken enough time off before it either) and we needed to slow things down.  Fortunately, Saturday morning I woke up to a rainy morning and decided to sleep in, which was great after I had stayed up late making Barefoot Contessa Cupcakes.
They turned out to be delicious - though how do you go wrong with a chocolate dessert?

Anyway, Saturday I did get in a bit of activity - as I went stand up paddle boarding for the first time.  It was great! It felt a little weird on my feet at first but after awhile I able to pick it up.  I fell twice when we made our way out to the bay and the boats came by but I got back up and managed to paddle around the canals. I would highly recommend it.  I can see why Giada's husband Todd does it.

That's me up on the paddle board. This was after we'd returned them we decided to run back out and take some pictures.

So, Sunday I was supposed to bike/run.  I got home very late and completely crashed the next day. When your body says no- no.  So I caught up on my favorite TV shows.  So Monday I needed to get out.  Billy and I decided to go running after work and met up at 7 for a 3.5 mile run  -  we ended up doing almost 4 miles and felt pretty good when it was over.  While we were running we passed Hoboken's Monday night exercise in the park and say the kickboxing out and about.  Billy made a comment it looked like boot camp and did I do any of those exercises.  I said yes but not in awhile - BINGO!  Class ideas.

Tough Tuesday Workout #6
(set up - same as always step/weights/mat - adds medicine ball/big ball)
I try to remember these workouts to the best of my ability and will try to give helpful hints if you are on your own or don't have the Starships song to go along with.

Warm-Up - Same Warm Up Weekly - (walk/run on treadmill) or Run in place, jacks, jump rope, and hot feet for 3-4 minutes.  Stretches for the calfs/quads, hip flexors, and open up the shoulders.  Work the back a bit and shake it loose.

Round 1
Inspired by the kickboxing and new medicine balls in the closet (yay!) I did side squats across the room for 2 minutes - we were working out to Nicki Minaj Starships* and on the chorusI had them run in place with the ball overhead.
Push ups with ball under left hand
Lunges and tap ball on the floor for 1 minutes - run on the chorus.
Push ups with ball under right hand.
*If you don't have Nicki you can do side to side lunges with the taps for 1 minute, run in place 30 seconds repeat and then pushups. Repeat for right side.

Round 2 - heavy weights (lunges/legs, shoulders, biceps)
20 reverse lunges right
10 curl press
20 reverse lunges left
10 curl press
5 each side - lunge knee up
10 curl press
10 alternating lunges
10 squats

Round 3 - med. ball and light weight
Run with ball - high knees
10  jumps onto the step - powering up from a squat
15 squat and single arm raise with light weight (resembles using a kettle bell)
Repeat 2x

Round 4 - Heavy Weights (back, legs, chest)
20 Regular Squats
15 rows each side
20 Sissy Squats (roll up your mat tiny and put it under your heels - squat down)
15 rows each side
20 Sissy Squats
10 elevated push-ups (feet on step hands on floor)
10 each leg - single leg squat - on one leg squat curl weight up and press overhead. Core is TIGHT.
10 more elevated push-ups
Grab your big ball and head to the wall
10 squats at the wall - hold and pulse - 10 more squats (you could use weights here I forgot today).

Round 5 - Last time to get your heart rate up
10 count High Knees
10 count Butt Kicks
10 count squat jumps
10 count Mat Jump Over - Roll that Mat up tight and seem side down - jump over side to side.

Round 6 - Abs (little bit of hammies)
Unroll your mat and grab the big ball
Lay over the ball with ball under shins, curl legs in, 10 reps 2x
For a challenge - try an extra 5 in a pike position or do 5 more curls.
on your back put feet on ball and curls up 50x
Side Plank with Ball to left and right
lay on stomach and curl ball in and out 10x then 10x with weight (works the hamstrings)
release weight and push into plank - hold 30 seconds.

Done! I ran over slightly - it was just about 52 minutes here instead of the 48 I typically end at. 
Cool down and stretch.  - Lots of stretches.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout #5: Bodyrock & Krav inspired

I have been a fan of for some time.  I am not always on board for all their ideas but they put out good, challenging workouts that are unique.  I went to a workout from early August or July done by Lisa for this week's boot camp class. This workout is a combo of Tuesday and Saturday when I subbed for Tiffany.  Tuesday we had a small group.


Same warm up as usual - 3 minutes of walking, running, hot feet, jump rope, and jacks to warm up followed by half squats and lunges and stretching.

Section One
Repeat 3 times, separated by one minute rest.  30 seconds of work/ 10 seconds rest interval.

1. High Knees
2. Butt Kicks
3. Side to Side mat over your rolled up yoga mat
4. Jacks
5. Football Run
6. Squat Jump

Section Two 
5 burpees
10 MT Climbers
20 each leg - with a towel get in a squat hands supported on step slide leg in and out
20 lunges with the bar alternate

2 sets with one minutes rest - another 5 burpees at the end.

Section 3 - Krav inspired
20 curl and press - light weights
15 each - one legged squats with overhead press L then R
20 regular squats
20 pushups* for these pushups - lay on the mat put hands near chest in right angle like yoga shelf arms then turn feet out to side so toes point out to the side lift up like you're going into upward dog.
10 tricep dips
10 each side arm circles - support weight in left circle around, overhead and down, switch. 

Rest one minute and repeat.

Section 4 - Abs
10 - roll overs, one push up, lower down, roll over press up 4 mt climbers, down roll back
15 - left up chest arms in T, then lower down push into plank
40 - chest up curls
10 - plank with arm circles
10 chest up, curls
10 roll ups - hold boat pose.

Cool down.

Enjoy your workout and keep on tri'n!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout #4 - Zuzana Inspired

This workout is inspired by one of my favorite online workout programs, Zuzana Light.  You can check out her Facebook page where she posts videos called ZWOW (Zuzana Workout of the Week) and they are pretty tough. 


Usual - light walking, running, jump rope, jacks.  Squats and lunges and stretches for 5-7 minutes.

Section A. Zuzana-inspired Section (50 seconds on 10 off)

  • 50 sec right leg kick over step and around 10 sec rest
  • Repeat with left
  • 50 sec jump lunges 10 sec rest
  • 50 sec burpees with 10 sec rest
  • 50 sec jump squat with 10 sec rest

One minute between sets x 3 sets
(This section could be done with no equipment in a hotel, cruise ship, park, home, etc.)

Section B. Weights

Heavy weights up on step, start with left step off to side for 10 reps, back for 10 reps and curtsy squat for 10 reps. Step forward with left, keep right foot on step, lunge with leg elevated on step for 10 reps. Step front leg in and set up for 10 reps dead lift.

10 overhead press.

10 curls 

With hands on the step 10 plank rows. (Holding push up position, row up with right). Then, 10 pushups, 10 rows on left.

Same set for legs on right - step side, back, curtsy, forward with right leg, dead lifts. (10x each)

10 over head press.

10 curls

Rows and pushups.

Section C. Weights and Push Ups

Light weights - squat, curl, press x 10

10 squats off side of step - Go to side of step so you're facing it the long way, put on foot on step, squat down and step up for 10.

No weights. Put the end one hand four inches from the end of the step and the other hand on the edge.  Complete 8 stagger push-ups.

Switch sides and legs, repeat on other side.   

Repeat, Squat, curl, press x 10.

Section D. Abs. 

Crunches front, flip over, plank for 20 seconds

Crunches left, left side plank 15 seconds

Crunches right, right side plank, 15 seconds

10 roll up and down with weights

10 lowering weight side to side (option to make it harder - lift up feet). targets obliques.

10 - lower back down head on floor. crunch up like normal then crunch up again but bring arms out around like  you are hugging a big giant beach ball (if it hurts your neck, keep one hand on the back of your head).

Roll up hold boat pose for 20 seconds.

Done and Cool Down.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout #3: Olympic Inspired 7.31.12

We're back.  Sorry last week flew by without me even noticing.  This workout is from my class on 7.31.12. 

Same warm up - butt kicks, jump rope, jacks. w/u Squats and lunges with some light stretches 5-7 minutes total.

Tabata/Cardio Inspired Section:

2 min on  1 min off

A. (30 sec each ex 2x)  Football Run / High Knees

B. 10 jump lunges each side then Jacks until end of minutes, repeat.

C. (30 sec each ex 2x)  Football Run / Tap Step with Toe

D. 10 Jump Lunges High knees until end of minute, repeat.

E. Burpees for 1 minute.

Rest for 2 minutes walk around get water etc. 

Grab your ball and heavy weights head to a wall.  This is the Olympic inspired section.  I found Jordyn Wieber doing this exercise on TV and wanted to try it and incorporate it so we did it last week as well, unfortunately, I broke the mirror while I was doing it and scared the hell out of myself. This week I found a nice secure spot.

Set 1: 

10 squats with ball

Pulses for 30 Seconds

Roll ball out in front of you and complete 10 push-ups with ball at knees or shins.

Repeat x 3.

Back to Step for Sets 2 and 3:

Set 2: 

20 Reverse Lunges  R & L

10 Side Raises

10 Curl Press

Repeat x 3

Set 3 and getting onto the mat:

10 Leg Lifts each side on hands and knees

10 regular pushups

Repeat x 3


Plank Hold

3 times crunches - regular crunches, to right and to left

10 x - back lift press into plank

10 x roll ups

cool down and stretch about 40-45 minutes total workout.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout: Tabata Inspired.

This workout started out with another buy in, which was a concept stolen from Zuzana Light.   This time instead of one exercise, I did 4 two minute intervals of high intensity cardio. Warm up as you normally would - we do a 5-7 minute warmup of stretching, squats and cardio. This is to the best of my memory since I had a BUSY Wednesday.

(30 Seconds each exercise until 2 minutes) one minute rest in between
Round 1: football run and high knees
Round 2: skater jumps and jump squats
Round 3: football run, high knees
Round 4: lunge jump, jumping jacks

1 minute rest
1 minute of burpees. Remember you don't have to do the push up or you can do it on your knees.

That should've been tough. Hope you did the best you can! :)

Weights: 20 - 30 seconds rest after each exercise

20 lunges L with a curl

20 overhead press

20 lunges R with a curl

10 dive bomber pushups

20 squats with a heavy weight

20 one leg row L

10 push ups

20 one leg row r

10 push ups

20 dead lift with row

10 push ups

Grab a ball and go the wall - squat up and down 10 times with weights in hand, pulse for 20, repeat 3x.

10 pushups on the ball - knees on ball.

10 knees in and out on the ball.

10 each L/R repeat lunge and curl with overhead press center

10 knees in and out for abs and then tricep dip (10)

Abs - Krav Maga inspired

40 crunches

10 start in downward dog, squeeze in abs, lower knees to one inch off floor

20 crunches

10 start on your stomach, arms in T, lift chest then press to a plank

10 right side crunch then 10 on L

10 reverse crunches

1 plank - 30 seconds.


Friday, July 27, 2012

An Olympic Spin

With the Olympics here it was all I could do to contain my excitement about creating a (maybe multiple) Olympic playlist for class on Friday (next week).  It was virtually impossible due to the secrecy around the ceremony to see what music they used so I picked some of my favorite British music and inspiring music.

The Olympic Spin Playlist

London Calling - Obvious choice.

Spice Up Your Life  - Brits ladies and a good one to get the heart rate up.

SuperGirl  - Favorite song of Nastia Luikin, US gymnast and 2008 Olympic all around champion.

London Bridge - Starting to climb to a lil London tribute.

'Till I Collapse - Hauling up that hill after that intro and a great one to showcase how hard the athletes work and how hard can you push.

I'm Still Standing (Live) - Flush to another England legend and then run in 2.

That's Not My Name - This English indie band is great for sprints.

We Will Rock You - Heading up a steep hill at one minute mark all you've got. 

Dog Days Are Over  - My fav English lady and flush it out then run in 2 and jumps in 2. 

Firestarter - I found out this song was going to be used and I hadn't heard it awhile so it was great for sprints.

What Makes You Beautiful - Irish/English pop boys make for a climb to the end with hill run in 2 at the chorus

Jenny Wren Paul McCartney - Sir Paul to cool down.

White Ladder - cooling down.

This was super fun and I can't wait do do another one.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout 2 (and krav maga)

Tough Tuesday Workout #2.  From 6 a.m. bootcamp class. 

Prep - 10-15 minute tempo run on treadmill

Warm-up - same as always (includes run, jacks, jump rope, squats, stretches) 5-7 minutes

Buy in: I stole the concept of "buy in" from Zuzana Light who is adorable. But the buy in is not.
Set 1: 2 minutes all out: Star Jacks and FootBall Run
30 seconds Rest
Set 2: 2 minutes all out: Triple Step (plyo move, football run 3rd step knee comes up to chest) and side to side leap
Set 3: 10 Full Burpees

1 minute rest

Main workout: 8 exercises total

Set 1: 10 reps each  Set 2: 8 reps Set 3: 5 reps (1 minute rest between sets)

A. Jump lunge in front of step (start with left leg back end with left leg back) with step up twice
B. Repeat with right leg back
C. Elevated push up - feet on step
D. Roll Up and Down 
E. Weighted Squats
F. Dive Bomber or regular push-up
G. Power Squat onto step
H. Half Burpee *last set full burpees

side crunch left
side crunch right
3 way crunch - touch toes, touch ankles, touch knees or toes (harder)

Cool Down and Stretch

This took about one hour to complete.

It was a great workout and I followed up with a swim, and then later that night my friend Eileen and I tried a Krav Maga class from James Sherman at Vebo Fitness in NYC. We had gotten a groupon that we finally put to good use and got a good workout.  In the class there were lots of strength exercises, and we learned some of the moves that are used in combat such as the eye poke, elbow jab and kicking.  It was good fun and I broke a good sweat (though the heat helped that) and learned some great new ab exercises that I plan to use in next week's bootcamp.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Don't Get Discouraged

This post from Fitness Magazine is great.  Reminds me of the expression "One man's trash is another's treasure." Or in this case - "one woman's run is another's jog."  It's so easy to get discouraged when you're running lap 2 and people are finishing up or you're coming in off the bike into T2 and people are wandering around with medals. 

But whatever you do you should be proud of it and not let anyone discourage you from trying your best. I've felt discouraged. You encourage a friend to sign up for a race and without trying she runs an eight minute mile while you've been out every week doing tempos, sprints, long runs, going to classes and all in all feeling like you're killing yourself and 10:30 is your best for a 10K - it's easy to let your spirits plummet.  However you should always be proud of your workout/race.  I had an instructor who ended every class with that mantra and it always made you feel good and know that as long as you were going all out that was what mattered.  In my bootcamp class there are multiple levels and I always try to impress upon them that whatever they are doing - as long as they are giving 100% - that's all that matters.  You may feel like a weakly next to the woman doing full pushups if you're on your knees but if you always said you'd never do pushups - it's a step up right. 

I may never "place" in a triathlon but I can keep improving and seeing myself as I'd like to and if I can step it up to 10 minutes or just below - it's not a good day, it's a great day!  Wanted to share this article from the fitterati because I felt the same way and I am sure it may encourage my fellow "slow" runners to keep on getting better (and maybe faster) and it may encourage someone to take up running or a triathlon.  You deserve your finish and your competitor medal and have pride in your accomplishment.