Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout #5: Bodyrock & Krav inspired

I have been a fan of for some time.  I am not always on board for all their ideas but they put out good, challenging workouts that are unique.  I went to a workout from early August or July done by Lisa for this week's boot camp class. This workout is a combo of Tuesday and Saturday when I subbed for Tiffany.  Tuesday we had a small group.


Same warm up as usual - 3 minutes of walking, running, hot feet, jump rope, and jacks to warm up followed by half squats and lunges and stretching.

Section One
Repeat 3 times, separated by one minute rest.  30 seconds of work/ 10 seconds rest interval.

1. High Knees
2. Butt Kicks
3. Side to Side mat over your rolled up yoga mat
4. Jacks
5. Football Run
6. Squat Jump

Section Two 
5 burpees
10 MT Climbers
20 each leg - with a towel get in a squat hands supported on step slide leg in and out
20 lunges with the bar alternate

2 sets with one minutes rest - another 5 burpees at the end.

Section 3 - Krav inspired
20 curl and press - light weights
15 each - one legged squats with overhead press L then R
20 regular squats
20 pushups* for these pushups - lay on the mat put hands near chest in right angle like yoga shelf arms then turn feet out to side so toes point out to the side lift up like you're going into upward dog.
10 tricep dips
10 each side arm circles - support weight in left circle around, overhead and down, switch. 

Rest one minute and repeat.

Section 4 - Abs
10 - roll overs, one push up, lower down, roll over press up 4 mt climbers, down roll back
15 - left up chest arms in T, then lower down push into plank
40 - chest up curls
10 - plank with arm circles
10 chest up, curls
10 roll ups - hold boat pose.

Cool down.

Enjoy your workout and keep on tri'n!

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