Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tough Tuesday Workouts Bootcamp (I hate Mt Climbers)

What you need: 2 sets of weights, mat and a step

Warmup: Run, Jack, Jump Rope, Squats, Lunges and stretch.

I am not sure where I came up with this workout but it was sweat producing and tough!

The Workout:
50 Side to Side Jumps on Step
50 Mt Climbers
10 in and out Abs
10 screamer lunges on L&R (lunge back step up on step with same leg)
10 burpees
10 in and out abs
10 screamer lunges each leg
10 burpees
10 lunges L&R with weights
toe taps on the step all the way around the step
4 punches, burpee
25 power squats
10 dive bomber push ups
20 squats
10 pushups, elbow to knee as you lower down
20 scissors - abs

repeat for a total of 3 rounds (I think we had to cut back the last round to fit in 50 minutes so go through as many rounds in the time you have.)

Sports Barre Review
I am not a huge fan of mt climbers - I think they are so tough!!! I recently did the Sports Barre Workout at Local Bar in Hoboken and they did a ton of mt climbers - my abs and legs were screaming. I loved the workout but those mt climbers - it was so HARD.  The instructor Corrine was incredibly motivating as I was pouring sweat out on my mat and I loved the added kicks and upper body work - I will definitely alternate between the 2 workouts of Open Barre and Sports Barre.  The Sports Barre workout was definitely sporty - pushups, kicks, squats - a great full body workout.  By the walk home I had burned over 400 calories which is pretty impressive.

Tough Tuesday Workout January 28, 2013

Well, the news is in and I'll get to teach Boot Camp for another month!! And, it seems like the members must've known they should show up because I had 5 people turn up to class. I was elated since I had a big workout planned.  We took cues from and Zuzka Light.

Need:  step with 2 risers, heavy weights, 1 lb dumbells (optional), mat, ball

Warm Up
Walk, Run, Jacks, Jump Rope, squats lunges and stretches for the legs and arms and overhead reach to warm up.

HIIT Section - based on workout from BodyRocktv's HIITmax. At the top of the clock we did 50 seconds on, 10 seconds rest (Standard for BodyRock) for 11 moves alternated with jump rope.  We did not have jump ropes so we fake jump roped and they had the option to use 1 lb dumbells for added resistance.

Jump Rope
Oblique chop - (Jump Lunge holding ball, then oblique twist)
Jump Rope
Squat and Alternating Arm Raise with Heavy Weights (I had 12-15 lbs)
Jump Rope
Half burpee deadl lift with heavy weights
Jump Rope
Squat Jumps with the ball held out in front
Jump Rope
Squat Curl Press with heavy Weights
Jump Rope
Elevated Pushups (feet on step or chair)
Jump Rope
Plank on hands - tap opposite shoulder 4x and then in and out for 8
Jump Rope
Squat Upright Row
Jump Rope
Scissors (for abs - opposite shoulder/opposite leg lifts)
Jump Rope
Half burpee Jump on Step
Jump Rope
Squat Curl Press

Ball between knees, lift and squeeze knees together x 20
upper body on floor legs in and out with ball between knees x 10
repeat twice

Hamstrings - feet on ball, lift hips, roll feet in and out x 10
Roll ups x 8
repeat twice

Diamonds in and out - legs at 45 degrees, heels together in a diamond, press feet in and out x10
Reverse crunch x 10
repeat twice

Legs and Arms - from Zuzka Light
I changed this workout slightly to add more weights

10 Squats with heavy weighs
10 Pushups (5 on each side) left leg stacked on right, then right on left
Wood Choppers - 10 each side

repeat for total of 3 rounds

cool down and stretch. 

This workout was INTENSE!! So as always check with a doctor before starting any workout and keep on tri'n!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Baked Tilapia and Roasted Tomatoes!

Thanks to the Food Network Magazine for this delicious recipe that I tried a variation on last night and it was delicious and easy, which was good since it is cold in New York City and it's making me tired and cranky.

I had bought tilapia a few weeks ago and froze it and took it out yesterday morning to defrost.  I got home at 7:15 and dinner was done by 8 and much of it was baking time rather than cooking.

Here's how I did it:

Side Dish: Baby Brussel Sprouts and Roasted Potatoes
I love my brussel sprouts really cooked with a nice dark roast to them. So I put baby brussel sprouts that I'd rinsed in with yukon golds that I had quartered in a dish with cooking spray.  I put on a few tbsp of EVOO and some S&P and tossed.  I put in a 400 degree oven and about halfway gave it a toss. The originally recipe just said potatoes but I like to have a green at dinner.

The Tilapia & Roasted Tomatoes
For the fish I put cooking spray in a glass dish and added quartered cocktail tomatoes.  I added diced Kalamata olives that were pitted and added EVOO, S&P, and some dried thyme.  I gave it a toss. The recipe in the FN magazine called for capers and vinegar but since I am not a fan - I left it out.  I put them in to roast for 15 minutes and after pulled them out and put the fish on top. I brushed the fish with a mix of EVOO, S&P, champagne vinegar and dried thyme.  I let cook in the oven for 10 minutes. 

I layered the fish on the brussel sprouts and potatoes and served with the sauce from the roasted tomatoes on top. It was delicious and got winning reviews at our house! 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Winter Cold Means Hot Soup! (and News About a Spinathon)

I have been delinquent in posting workouts lately despite my aforementioned New Year's resolution. Unfortunately, work has picked up, attendance in bootcamp is down and the winter cold has spread the flu to my house again.  So I've been slacking. I plan to post last Tuesday's workout later today and will also post the workouts I've done on my own. Yes, the winter cold also meant numbers were DOWN at the gym.  This may mean no more bootcamp in the winter!! Insert Sad Face. :( I will continue to post workouts I do on my own and this may mean more time to devote to Zuzka Light workouts.  I've been doing pretty well eating wise, we did head out to dinner Sunday night at The Brass Rail in Hoboken but by Tuesday I was back to healthy eating, lots of fruits, veggies, greek yogurt, lean proteins and a few whole grains for fuel. As for spin, numbers have been through the roof but this week with the New York cold no one wanted to get out of bed and I only had 5 people in class.  Thanks for coming guys!

On a positive fitness note, on February 2nd 2013, we'll be holding the 2nd Annual Spin-a-thon at Sky Club and a newly added Zumbathon!  Last year, we raised $700 and collected many canned goods for the Shelter. I am hoping with the addition of Zumba to raise over $1,000 and collect more donations.  We have 4 great instructors lined up for each 2 hour event and I am working on getting some awesome prizes. I have a list of places to call and am securing donations.  I've posted/sent the event to various websites and blogs across Hoboken and details can be found here.

As mentioned, the past few days in New York have been freezing.  I wore light grey tights to walk to the Path the other day and my legs turned purple through them it was so cold.  I decided it was time for soup after seeing Ina Garten's twitter post about how she made her hearty winter minestrone soup.  See her blog about it here. On Tuesday I went out and bought all the ingredients (sorta).  Then someone in the house got the flu and I got a late start Wednesday. I decided to modify the recipe to a crock pot.  She cooks it in a dutch oven, which normally I am a  big fan of but it seemed to long for post work and especially since someone would be home all day the soup could simmer away. It tasted great with a lil parm on top last night and I had leftovers for us both today. 

What I did
A little drizzle of olive oil
A layer of carrots
A layer of celery
A layer of butternut squash
Sprinkle of salt, pepper and thyme
As for the sorta, Ina's recipe calls for canned tomatoes, which I thought I had but no they were pureed but oh well, in they went!
Container of low salt organic, chicken broth
Cup of Water
Bay Leaf
Rinsed and Drained can of white beans and half-3/4 a can of garbanzo beans - rest of the can went in my salad for work.
Set to Low for 6-7 hours or until person at home answers the phone to turn it to warm. I am not sure who out there works for 5-6 hours or just 8 but call me if you do and tell me how you use the crockpot. I find I am gone from usually 9-7 or later, having worked from 10-6. So that's more like 10 hours a day.
When I got home, I cranked it up to high and added orzo, 2 tablespoons of pesto, a dash of white wine and lots 2 cups or more of spinach and let it sit for 40 minutes until the orzo cooked and the spinach wilted. I did have to stir it a few times.
Serve HOT with parmesan cheese.

We each ate a big bowl full and a little bit more.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

On the Menu! Brunch! Lemon Ricotta Pancakes & Whole Wheat Waffles

I think everyone would agree that brunch is the best meal you can get.  It takes place in the middle of the day so there's no rushing. Fits in nicely after a morning workout.  It's an excellent way to kill a few hours with out of town family.  Alcohol consumption is encouraged during the day time and in many cases in our brunch bar town, there's no reason to dress up so you can wear your yoga pants or leggings (aka eating pants) to the table. Plus the food is delish. Who doesn't love pancakes, eggs and waffles?  However, local brunches with the bacon, alcohol and stuffed french toast don't fit in our new healthy 2013 diet so I made us brunch this weekend after a swim/spin class on Saturday and a 5.5 mile on Sunday that my boyfriend and I did together.  He did some time on the trainer Saturday so he earned his brunch reward.

Saturday Pancakes - Lemon Ricotta.  This recipe was inspired by pancakes we had in Sonoma, CA at the Mission Inn's restaurant - they were lemon ricotta and amazing.  They were totally not low-fat but I made an effort to cut the hfa

Dry Ingredients
1.5 cups whole wheat flour
1.5 tsp baking powder
.5 tsp baking soda
.25 tsp salt
whisk together

Wet ingredients
1 cup nonfat milk
3 tblsp part skim ricotta cheese
3 tblsp vanilla Greek yogurt
3 tblsp Coconut Milk or almond milk
1 tablespoon honey
1tsp vanilla
1tsp lemon extract
2 tsp lemon zest
2 eggs
2 tblsp canola oil
whisk together

Stir wet ingredients into dry.

Put some Pam on the griddle and cook like you would regular pancakes. I had some leftover bananas so I put some mushed bananas into half my pancakes.  They were delicious.  We ate with syrup and fresh cut strawberries.

Sunday Waffles - Whole Wheat Waffles with Blueberry Syrup
On Sunday we had a 5.5 mile run and wanted to reward ourselves with waffles. I had gotten a really nice waffle iron some time ago when I first moved in by myself from Williams and Sonoma. I never used it by since Billy and I moved into our house 3 years ago we've used it all the time. Today we tag teamed the waffles, I made the batter and he cooked it up.

Dry ingredients
2 cups whole wheat flour
.25 cup almond flour
.25 Corn meal
1.5 tsp baking powder
.5 tsp baking soda
.25 tsp salt
whisk together

Wet ingredients
2 eggs
1 tbls vanilla
1 tblsp almond extract
2 tbsp canola oil
2 cups almond milk
whisk together

Mix the ingredients together and we served with blueberry syrup and a lil bit of powdered sugar and margarine.


First Week of January 2013 Workouts

I have been a little behind in keeping up on the blog posts and wanted to catch up so I am posting both the Tuesday and Thursday workouts from last week before the new week starts!

Tuesday 1/8/13 Boot Camp Workout - Made them take out a bench with 3 risers, weights (light and heavy) and a mat

Usual warmup - Jogging, Stretching and Squats and Lunges.

Cardio & Legs
Alternate High knees for 45 sec, 60 seconds and 30 seconds
15 squats with heavy weights
Repeat 2x

Alternate 10 squat thrusts
step up knee 20 on each side
curl press 10
Repeat 2x

Upper Body Circuit
15 chest presses
25 bicycles
10 pushups - feet elevated
Repeat 2x

one arm bicep curls - sitting on step 10 on each side
tricep dips 10
repeat 2x

Cardio and Legs

Jacks - 1 minute
10 one legged squats
2 pushups in between
Opposite side
Repeat 2x

Toe Taps on Step, 45 Seconds, 60seconds, 30 Seconds
Deadlift Row
Repeat 2x

Using step and no weights
step up and lift leg up and out to side - 10x on both sides
step up and squeeze glute (bend knee 90 degrees) - 10x on both sides

20 crunches
10 obliques R
10 reach and squeeze lying on R side - elbow to knee
Hold side plank for 20 seconds
10 knees in and out on R side

20 crunches
Repeat all obliques (4 exercise) on left

Plank center hold for 30

Stretch and Cool Down

Thursday 1/10/13  Sculpt workout

Warmup - Same as Tuesday

Needed: Bench w/ 2 risers, weights, mat

on bench
lunges R 25x (15 reg, 10 with a curl)
overhead press
other side
overhead press
repeat the lunges set 3 times for a total of 100 lunges in the 2nd set instead of overhead press do a side raise, then front raise, then arnold press

single arm row - heavy weight
tricep lighter
other side
tricep press
pushps - feet elevated
repeat 2x

heavy weights - squat 20
right leg step leg lift, no weights - 20
power squat 10
left leg
repeat 2x

dead lift - 10
row - 10
chest press - 15
crunch - 15
reverse crunch - 10
tricep dip - 10

lunge, upright row - 5
center - plie squat - 10
5 lunge upright row other side
repeat 3x

abs squeeze, lift knee
ab-side oblique

wood chopper 10
5 overhead press
other side
repeat each 3x

diamond crunch
legs up diamond crunch
knee in crunch
plank 20 seconds
cool down

Remember to always check with a doctor before starting any workout and to keep on tri'n.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Healthy Dipped Strawberries

After dinner I always love a little snack of something and fruit simply never seems to satisfy, but I promised myself I'd put away the nutella, the ice cream and the cookies for the sake of our upcoming vacation.

The newest food network magazine came today and with it - a dessert idea.  I made some variations on the recipe and crafted this...

Healthy Dipped Strawberries
Mix a few spoonfuls vanilla or plain Greek yogurt with a dash of good vanilla and honey in a bowl
In another bowl mix together a few tbsps of brown sugar with heaping spoonfuls of granola I was about a 3-1 ratio.
Dip cleaned berries in the yogurt to coat and then roll in granola
Set on a plate on let chill in fridge - I had them in there for an hour and they were firmed up and the brown sugar got a little drizzly.


these were bar non - my favorite low cal dessert recipe.  I will be making them again soon!

Killer Burpee Workout - Starting the New Year off Right

I started the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 by teaching in the studio room twice a week at Sky Club in Hoboken. Tuesday mornings we're still doing bootcamp and on Thursday we're doing sculpt, lots of good weight exercises to compliment our cardio.

Last Thursday was everyone's first day back to the gym after a holiday hiatus and I didn't want it to go to waste and wanted to add a little cardio, so I decided we'd snag a variation on a workout I'd seen done by Zuzka on Zuzka Light. It was a burpee workout where she mixed 5-10 burpees between exercises. Since our class is 55 minutes I decided to mix in more weighted exercises and only 5 burpees, still we did about 60 burpees total. The class was still talking about the workout this week!  On Friday, the day after, I heard about how sore they were (I was too!).  Wonderful.  Around the same time, I was sent an article about the background of the burpee, which was really interesting.  You can read about the history of the burpee and why it is the weapon of choice for most trainers and group fitness instructors here. I found it interesting to hear about and to know a move that's used so widely is part of thesis that's sitting on a shelf in his granddaughter's office.

Killer Burpee Workout from January 3, 2013 - you need weights and a mat for this
Burpees are always 5 each for a total of 6.  All other exercises I used a heavy weight and # of reps is beside it - if you cannot maintain your form, drop your weight.  I dropped it a bit for the side and front raise.  Also see the bottom of this page for ways to modify the burpee. 

Same warm up - Running, jacks, jump rope and stretching and active moves, lunges and squats to warm up

Burpee Round 1
Kettle bell swing R - 20
Kettle bell swing L - 20
Side raise - 10
Front raise - 10
Lunge w/ upright row - 20
Lunge w/ upright row- 20

Chest Press - 15
In and Out Knees - 10
Fly - 10
Repeat 2x
Bicep Curl - 10
tri dip - 10
Repeat 2x

Burpee Round 2
Wood chop - 20
Wood chop - 20
Row l - 20
Row r - 20
Side lunge - 20
Side lunge - 20

20 crunches
20 obliques - each side
20 reverse crunches
20 bicycles
20 crunches
Hold plank front, right & left side for 20 seconds each. 

cool down

Have fun with this and keep on tri'n. Always check with a doctor before starting a workout and keep up with those resolutions.  You can always do the pushup part of the burpee on your knees or walk instead of jump in.  There are always options to accommodate everyone! Enjoy your workout and be proud of it!!

Here's a pic of me doing burpees overseas. I've shown it before - but who doesn't love an overseas burpee?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pre Cookie Holiday Workout

I did this workout on December 11th - since then I haven't had much time for posting and I came down with a very bad flu and couldn't get motivated through the holidays.  One of the ol' resolutions is to keep the blog up so I will do my best.

Warmup - bring the heart rate up with jacks, running in place and jumping rope and do some stretching for flexibility also some light moves w.out weights (ie. lunges, squats).

Hiit intervals 4 x 20 on 10 off 1 min in between
Round 1
Jump on step
High knees
Side to side jump
Squat thrust

Round 2
Power squat with weights
Side to side jump over weights
Football run

Repeat first one

Squat curl press 10
Pushups 10
Repeat twice

1 min each Power squat & Squat heavy weights repeat twice

1 min each Mt climber & Rows repeat twice

30 seconds each Lunge jump & Lunge back side with curl, side raise light weights
Repeat on other side for other 30 seconds, repeat twice

One leg on step knee repeater
Tricep dips 10
Repeat on other leg, tris

Chest press 15, 10, 5 bicycles25, 20, 15

Curl press light weights

Crunch 25
Crunch arms out lift higher 15
Plank tap knees

Reverse crunch
Diamond crunch
Knees in out and scissors
Plank left leg up then switch

Roll up and down
Side plank
Side crunch laying on side
Cool down