Sunday, January 13, 2013

First Week of January 2013 Workouts

I have been a little behind in keeping up on the blog posts and wanted to catch up so I am posting both the Tuesday and Thursday workouts from last week before the new week starts!

Tuesday 1/8/13 Boot Camp Workout - Made them take out a bench with 3 risers, weights (light and heavy) and a mat

Usual warmup - Jogging, Stretching and Squats and Lunges.

Cardio & Legs
Alternate High knees for 45 sec, 60 seconds and 30 seconds
15 squats with heavy weights
Repeat 2x

Alternate 10 squat thrusts
step up knee 20 on each side
curl press 10
Repeat 2x

Upper Body Circuit
15 chest presses
25 bicycles
10 pushups - feet elevated
Repeat 2x

one arm bicep curls - sitting on step 10 on each side
tricep dips 10
repeat 2x

Cardio and Legs

Jacks - 1 minute
10 one legged squats
2 pushups in between
Opposite side
Repeat 2x

Toe Taps on Step, 45 Seconds, 60seconds, 30 Seconds
Deadlift Row
Repeat 2x

Using step and no weights
step up and lift leg up and out to side - 10x on both sides
step up and squeeze glute (bend knee 90 degrees) - 10x on both sides

20 crunches
10 obliques R
10 reach and squeeze lying on R side - elbow to knee
Hold side plank for 20 seconds
10 knees in and out on R side

20 crunches
Repeat all obliques (4 exercise) on left

Plank center hold for 30

Stretch and Cool Down

Thursday 1/10/13  Sculpt workout

Warmup - Same as Tuesday

Needed: Bench w/ 2 risers, weights, mat

on bench
lunges R 25x (15 reg, 10 with a curl)
overhead press
other side
overhead press
repeat the lunges set 3 times for a total of 100 lunges in the 2nd set instead of overhead press do a side raise, then front raise, then arnold press

single arm row - heavy weight
tricep lighter
other side
tricep press
pushps - feet elevated
repeat 2x

heavy weights - squat 20
right leg step leg lift, no weights - 20
power squat 10
left leg
repeat 2x

dead lift - 10
row - 10
chest press - 15
crunch - 15
reverse crunch - 10
tricep dip - 10

lunge, upright row - 5
center - plie squat - 10
5 lunge upright row other side
repeat 3x

abs squeeze, lift knee
ab-side oblique

wood chopper 10
5 overhead press
other side
repeat each 3x

diamond crunch
legs up diamond crunch
knee in crunch
plank 20 seconds
cool down

Remember to always check with a doctor before starting any workout and to keep on tri'n.

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