Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout #7: Room to Move Workout

Because I am teaching Sculpt on Thursday this week, I wanted to make the Tuesday a.m. boot camp really different so I decided to use the whole room and limited equipment rather than my standard step and 2 weights and mat. (Before exercising you should check with a physician and get clearance and if you aren't sure you have proper form - see a personal trainer before starting a program on your own.)

We warmed up the same way we always do with a little light running, butt kicks, jump rope, 50 jacks and then squats and lunges (half way down) and some light stretching of the whole body. Then back to light jogging. All we needed to do was one set of weights and a mat. (And some room to move).

Section 1:
3 Rounds
Run to one side of room, competition burpee, dropping all the way to the floor push up and jump up x 10.
Run back 10 squat jumps with punches (squat down jump up off the floor and punch fists out)

1 minute Rest

Section 2: (equipment - mat)
10 spider man pushups (knees go out to elbows like spider man climbing the wall)
25 squat jumps with punches
10 dive bomber pushups
10 lifts to left (lay on left side on left butt cheek, left arm out to side, right hand behind head, lift up head and knees crunching into right oblique.
10 switch to right
10 roll ups (roll up and down, pretend to be holding a beach ball and tap it behind)
15 reverse lunge and kick L
15 on the right
Hold Plank 15 seconds

Section 3:  
3 Rounds 
Triple Step to one side when reach it 10 high knees in place and 10 mt climbers
Triple Step back - plyo hold on wall in a squat for 15 seconds

rest 1 minute 

Section 4: Heavy Weights (as heavy as you can keeping form)
10 squat - curl - press
15 one legged one arm row (stolen from Krav)
15 on opposite side
10 ab exercises (sit on floor weights to the side in your hands, push up off the ground and push your butt back past the weight, curling your abs in - aim for 10 or play with it for one minute).
10 one legged curl and press
10 on opposite side
10 back lift, press up (lay on floor - arms out in "T" lift head and shoulders, lower, hands to side of chest, press up, hold 2 seconds, lower, repeat)
5 staggered hand push ups
5 on opposite hand in front
25 squats with weights

Section 5:
lateral slide across the room, hot feet drill for 30 seconds, jabs
lateral slide across the room, hot feet drill for 30 seconds, hooks
lateral slide across the room, hot feet drill for 30 seconds,uppercuts
lateral slide across the room, hot feet drill for 30 seconds, knees (pretend to be breaking a board over your knees as you pull them up).
one more set as fast as you can touch hands down and back.

 rest 30 seconds

Section 6: Abs
Crunch x 20
Side Crunch L x 15
Center hold and round out Abs for one minute
Side Crunch R x 15
Center hold and round out Abs for one minute
Side Plank L - lift Hips
Same on R
Plank hold 15 seconds

Cool Down and Stretch

Keep on Tri'n and Enjoy whatever you do!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Quick Oatmeal Pancake Breakfast

When I woke up this morning it was incredibly late.  I was supposed to get up and go for a run but my late nights recently catching up on TV and trying to get through our piles of laundry caught up with me and I needed to sleep in.  They say rest is critical to training so I decided to take that seriously and get in 7 hours.  Plus, I figured I'd have a chance to run this evening and maybe even have a buddy along.  I have been very sore lately. I am not sure from what but I am feeling like I need to drag my legs up the subway steps.  Perhaps from kickboxing Tuesday. Anyway, I needed a fast breakfast I could take with me.

I had read on Run Eat Repeat about a pancake Monica made from instant oatmeal and a egg.  That sounded great with some blueberries.  Unfortunately, I had no eggs. I used my last egg on our pasta last night. I did a play on pasta carbonara.  No bacon though.  Broccoli instead.  And white beans and an extra egg for extra protein since my boyfriend had worked hard at Habitat for Humanity yesterday. It wasn't bad.  We'd had leftover spaghetti so it was easy to throw together all the ingredients except the egg and cheese and heat it up with olive oil and garlic and then remove from the heat and stir in the egg and cheese. Just try not to let things scramble.

So breakfast.  So I combined the oatmeal (Ocean Spray Cranberry Pomegranate), a little water, a tsp of chocolate whey protein and it because it still seemed like it'd flake apart due to the fact I was eggless, a tsp of almond butter. I plopped it in a skillet and it held together and flipped easily.  I put it in a to-go container with blueberries and a tbl spoon of maple syrup.  Just about 300-400 calories and easy in the morning.  And once I arrived at work to taste. Delicious - the almond butter and choc came through against the cranberry and it was a nice combo.  The texture and consistency were good.  It held up even with syrup and I put could spear a bite of pancake and blueberries without trouble. It wasn't the prettiest to look at so no pictures.  I would definitely do it again  - it's a great way to eat oatmeal.  Especially since in the summer I NEVER want to eat anything hot like oatmeal. And I love pancakes - they were my favorite food as a kid and are still to this day my favorite. They are also my favorite post triathlon treat. I often make them for Billy when we come back from biking. They are delicious but reserved for weekends since they take forever, especially since I like to play with my pancakes. Sometimes I make them from scratch and sometimes I add ingredients with the Bisquick. Usually vanilla and honey but after our Cali trip I did honey, blueberries and lemon extract. Those were good! I also have added flax and honey when I wanted to go healthy.  I always use low fat milk.  Anyway, who says you can't play with your food.


Happy morning breakfast and keep on tri'n! 

Here is a link to Run Eat Repeat's easy pancake recipe
Easiest Pancake Ever

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout #6: Run-spired! 8.21.12

I had no inspiration and no motivation for creating a workout for this morning.  I had no motivation at all over the weekend. I was VERY tired on Friday and had done a couple 2-a-days so I decided the ol' body hadn't gotten enough rest post Niantic Bay triathlon (hadn't taken enough time off before it either) and we needed to slow things down.  Fortunately, Saturday morning I woke up to a rainy morning and decided to sleep in, which was great after I had stayed up late making Barefoot Contessa Cupcakes.
They turned out to be delicious - though how do you go wrong with a chocolate dessert?

Anyway, Saturday I did get in a bit of activity - as I went stand up paddle boarding for the first time.  It was great! It felt a little weird on my feet at first but after awhile I able to pick it up.  I fell twice when we made our way out to the bay and the boats came by but I got back up and managed to paddle around the canals. I would highly recommend it.  I can see why Giada's husband Todd does it.

That's me up on the paddle board. This was after we'd returned them we decided to run back out and take some pictures.

So, Sunday I was supposed to bike/run.  I got home very late and completely crashed the next day. When your body says no- no.  So I caught up on my favorite TV shows.  So Monday I needed to get out.  Billy and I decided to go running after work and met up at 7 for a 3.5 mile run  -  we ended up doing almost 4 miles and felt pretty good when it was over.  While we were running we passed Hoboken's Monday night exercise in the park and say the kickboxing out and about.  Billy made a comment it looked like boot camp and did I do any of those exercises.  I said yes but not in awhile - BINGO!  Class ideas.

Tough Tuesday Workout #6
(set up - same as always step/weights/mat - adds medicine ball/big ball)
I try to remember these workouts to the best of my ability and will try to give helpful hints if you are on your own or don't have the Starships song to go along with.

Warm-Up - Same Warm Up Weekly - (walk/run on treadmill) or Run in place, jacks, jump rope, and hot feet for 3-4 minutes.  Stretches for the calfs/quads, hip flexors, and open up the shoulders.  Work the back a bit and shake it loose.

Round 1
Inspired by the kickboxing and new medicine balls in the closet (yay!) I did side squats across the room for 2 minutes - we were working out to Nicki Minaj Starships* and on the chorusI had them run in place with the ball overhead.
Push ups with ball under left hand
Lunges and tap ball on the floor for 1 minutes - run on the chorus.
Push ups with ball under right hand.
*If you don't have Nicki you can do side to side lunges with the taps for 1 minute, run in place 30 seconds repeat and then pushups. Repeat for right side.

Round 2 - heavy weights (lunges/legs, shoulders, biceps)
20 reverse lunges right
10 curl press
20 reverse lunges left
10 curl press
5 each side - lunge knee up
10 curl press
10 alternating lunges
10 squats

Round 3 - med. ball and light weight
Run with ball - high knees
10  jumps onto the step - powering up from a squat
15 squat and single arm raise with light weight (resembles using a kettle bell)
Repeat 2x

Round 4 - Heavy Weights (back, legs, chest)
20 Regular Squats
15 rows each side
20 Sissy Squats (roll up your mat tiny and put it under your heels - squat down)
15 rows each side
20 Sissy Squats
10 elevated push-ups (feet on step hands on floor)
10 each leg - single leg squat - on one leg squat curl weight up and press overhead. Core is TIGHT.
10 more elevated push-ups
Grab your big ball and head to the wall
10 squats at the wall - hold and pulse - 10 more squats (you could use weights here I forgot today).

Round 5 - Last time to get your heart rate up
10 count High Knees
10 count Butt Kicks
10 count squat jumps
10 count Mat Jump Over - Roll that Mat up tight and seem side down - jump over side to side.

Round 6 - Abs (little bit of hammies)
Unroll your mat and grab the big ball
Lay over the ball with ball under shins, curl legs in, 10 reps 2x
For a challenge - try an extra 5 in a pike position or do 5 more curls.
on your back put feet on ball and curls up 50x
Side Plank with Ball to left and right
lay on stomach and curl ball in and out 10x then 10x with weight (works the hamstrings)
release weight and push into plank - hold 30 seconds.

Done! I ran over slightly - it was just about 52 minutes here instead of the 48 I typically end at. 
Cool down and stretch.  - Lots of stretches.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout #5: Bodyrock & Krav inspired

I have been a fan of Bodyrock.tv for some time.  I am not always on board for all their ideas but they put out good, challenging workouts that are unique.  I went to a workout from early August or July done by Lisa for this week's boot camp class. This workout is a combo of Tuesday and Saturday when I subbed for Tiffany.  Tuesday we had a small group.


Same warm up as usual - 3 minutes of walking, running, hot feet, jump rope, and jacks to warm up followed by half squats and lunges and stretching.

Section One
Repeat 3 times, separated by one minute rest.  30 seconds of work/ 10 seconds rest interval.

1. High Knees
2. Butt Kicks
3. Side to Side mat over your rolled up yoga mat
4. Jacks
5. Football Run
6. Squat Jump

Section Two 
5 burpees
10 MT Climbers
20 each leg - with a towel get in a squat hands supported on step slide leg in and out
20 lunges with the bar alternate

2 sets with one minutes rest - another 5 burpees at the end.

Section 3 - Krav inspired
20 curl and press - light weights
15 each - one legged squats with overhead press L then R
20 regular squats
20 pushups* for these pushups - lay on the mat put hands near chest in right angle like yoga shelf arms then turn feet out to side so toes point out to the side lift up like you're going into upward dog.
10 tricep dips
10 each side arm circles - support weight in left circle around, overhead and down, switch. 

Rest one minute and repeat.

Section 4 - Abs
10 - roll overs, one push up, lower down, roll over press up 4 mt climbers, down roll back
15 - left up chest arms in T, then lower down push into plank
40 - chest up curls
10 - plank with arm circles
10 chest up, curls
10 roll ups - hold boat pose.

Cool down.

Enjoy your workout and keep on tri'n!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout #4 - Zuzana Inspired

This workout is inspired by one of my favorite online workout programs, Zuzana Light.  You can check out her Facebook page where she posts videos called ZWOW (Zuzana Workout of the Week) and they are pretty tough. 


Usual - light walking, running, jump rope, jacks.  Squats and lunges and stretches for 5-7 minutes.

Section A. Zuzana-inspired Section (50 seconds on 10 off)

  • 50 sec right leg kick over step and around 10 sec rest
  • Repeat with left
  • 50 sec jump lunges 10 sec rest
  • 50 sec burpees with 10 sec rest
  • 50 sec jump squat with 10 sec rest

One minute between sets x 3 sets
(This section could be done with no equipment in a hotel, cruise ship, park, home, etc.)

Section B. Weights

Heavy weights up on step, start with left step off to side for 10 reps, back for 10 reps and curtsy squat for 10 reps. Step forward with left, keep right foot on step, lunge with leg elevated on step for 10 reps. Step front leg in and set up for 10 reps dead lift.

10 overhead press.

10 curls 

With hands on the step 10 plank rows. (Holding push up position, row up with right). Then, 10 pushups, 10 rows on left.

Same set for legs on right - step side, back, curtsy, forward with right leg, dead lifts. (10x each)

10 over head press.

10 curls

Rows and pushups.

Section C. Weights and Push Ups

Light weights - squat, curl, press x 10

10 squats off side of step - Go to side of step so you're facing it the long way, put on foot on step, squat down and step up for 10.

No weights. Put the end one hand four inches from the end of the step and the other hand on the edge.  Complete 8 stagger push-ups.

Switch sides and legs, repeat on other side.   

Repeat, Squat, curl, press x 10.

Section D. Abs. 

Crunches front, flip over, plank for 20 seconds

Crunches left, left side plank 15 seconds

Crunches right, right side plank, 15 seconds

10 roll up and down with weights

10 lowering weight side to side (option to make it harder - lift up feet). targets obliques.

10 - lower back down head on floor. crunch up like normal then crunch up again but bring arms out around like  you are hugging a big giant beach ball (if it hurts your neck, keep one hand on the back of your head).

Roll up hold boat pose for 20 seconds.

Done and Cool Down.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout #3: Olympic Inspired 7.31.12

We're back.  Sorry last week flew by without me even noticing.  This workout is from my class on 7.31.12. 

Same warm up - butt kicks, jump rope, jacks. w/u Squats and lunges with some light stretches 5-7 minutes total.

Tabata/Cardio Inspired Section:

2 min on  1 min off

A. (30 sec each ex 2x)  Football Run / High Knees

B. 10 jump lunges each side then Jacks until end of minutes, repeat.

C. (30 sec each ex 2x)  Football Run / Tap Step with Toe

D. 10 Jump Lunges High knees until end of minute, repeat.

E. Burpees for 1 minute.

Rest for 2 minutes walk around get water etc. 

Grab your ball and heavy weights head to a wall.  This is the Olympic inspired section.  I found Jordyn Wieber doing this exercise on TV and wanted to try it and incorporate it so we did it last week as well, unfortunately, I broke the mirror while I was doing it and scared the hell out of myself. This week I found a nice secure spot.

Set 1: 

10 squats with ball

Pulses for 30 Seconds

Roll ball out in front of you and complete 10 push-ups with ball at knees or shins.

Repeat x 3.

Back to Step for Sets 2 and 3:

Set 2: 

20 Reverse Lunges  R & L

10 Side Raises

10 Curl Press

Repeat x 3

Set 3 and getting onto the mat:

10 Leg Lifts each side on hands and knees

10 regular pushups

Repeat x 3


Plank Hold

3 times crunches - regular crunches, to right and to left

10 x - back lift press into plank

10 x roll ups

cool down and stretch about 40-45 minutes total workout.