Monday, July 30, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout: Tabata Inspired.

This workout started out with another buy in, which was a concept stolen from Zuzana Light.   This time instead of one exercise, I did 4 two minute intervals of high intensity cardio. Warm up as you normally would - we do a 5-7 minute warmup of stretching, squats and cardio. This is to the best of my memory since I had a BUSY Wednesday.

(30 Seconds each exercise until 2 minutes) one minute rest in between
Round 1: football run and high knees
Round 2: skater jumps and jump squats
Round 3: football run, high knees
Round 4: lunge jump, jumping jacks

1 minute rest
1 minute of burpees. Remember you don't have to do the push up or you can do it on your knees.

That should've been tough. Hope you did the best you can! :)

Weights: 20 - 30 seconds rest after each exercise

20 lunges L with a curl

20 overhead press

20 lunges R with a curl

10 dive bomber pushups

20 squats with a heavy weight

20 one leg row L

10 push ups

20 one leg row r

10 push ups

20 dead lift with row

10 push ups

Grab a ball and go the wall - squat up and down 10 times with weights in hand, pulse for 20, repeat 3x.

10 pushups on the ball - knees on ball.

10 knees in and out on the ball.

10 each L/R repeat lunge and curl with overhead press center

10 knees in and out for abs and then tricep dip (10)

Abs - Krav Maga inspired

40 crunches

10 start in downward dog, squeeze in abs, lower knees to one inch off floor

20 crunches

10 start on your stomach, arms in T, lift chest then press to a plank

10 right side crunch then 10 on L

10 reverse crunches

1 plank - 30 seconds.


Friday, July 27, 2012

An Olympic Spin

With the Olympics here it was all I could do to contain my excitement about creating a (maybe multiple) Olympic playlist for class on Friday (next week).  It was virtually impossible due to the secrecy around the ceremony to see what music they used so I picked some of my favorite British music and inspiring music.

The Olympic Spin Playlist

London Calling - Obvious choice.

Spice Up Your Life  - Brits ladies and a good one to get the heart rate up.

SuperGirl  - Favorite song of Nastia Luikin, US gymnast and 2008 Olympic all around champion.

London Bridge - Starting to climb to a lil London tribute.

'Till I Collapse - Hauling up that hill after that intro and a great one to showcase how hard the athletes work and how hard can you push.

I'm Still Standing (Live) - Flush to another England legend and then run in 2.

That's Not My Name - This English indie band is great for sprints.

We Will Rock You - Heading up a steep hill at one minute mark all you've got. 

Dog Days Are Over  - My fav English lady and flush it out then run in 2 and jumps in 2. 

Firestarter - I found out this song was going to be used and I hadn't heard it awhile so it was great for sprints.

What Makes You Beautiful - Irish/English pop boys make for a climb to the end with hill run in 2 at the chorus

Jenny Wren Paul McCartney - Sir Paul to cool down.

White Ladder - cooling down.

This was super fun and I can't wait do do another one.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout 2 (and krav maga)

Tough Tuesday Workout #2.  From 6 a.m. bootcamp class. 

Prep - 10-15 minute tempo run on treadmill

Warm-up - same as always (includes run, jacks, jump rope, squats, stretches) 5-7 minutes

Buy in: I stole the concept of "buy in" from Zuzana Light who is adorable. But the buy in is not.
Set 1: 2 minutes all out: Star Jacks and FootBall Run
30 seconds Rest
Set 2: 2 minutes all out: Triple Step (plyo move, football run 3rd step knee comes up to chest) and side to side leap
Set 3: 10 Full Burpees

1 minute rest

Main workout: 8 exercises total

Set 1: 10 reps each  Set 2: 8 reps Set 3: 5 reps (1 minute rest between sets)

A. Jump lunge in front of step (start with left leg back end with left leg back) with step up twice
B. Repeat with right leg back
C. Elevated push up - feet on step
D. Roll Up and Down 
E. Weighted Squats
F. Dive Bomber or regular push-up
G. Power Squat onto step
H. Half Burpee *last set full burpees

side crunch left
side crunch right
3 way crunch - touch toes, touch ankles, touch knees or toes (harder)

Cool Down and Stretch

This took about one hour to complete.

It was a great workout and I followed up with a swim, and then later that night my friend Eileen and I tried a Krav Maga class from James Sherman at Vebo Fitness in NYC. We had gotten a groupon that we finally put to good use and got a good workout.  In the class there were lots of strength exercises, and we learned some of the moves that are used in combat such as the eye poke, elbow jab and kicking.  It was good fun and I broke a good sweat (though the heat helped that) and learned some great new ab exercises that I plan to use in next week's bootcamp.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Don't Get Discouraged

This post from Fitness Magazine is great.  Reminds me of the expression "One man's trash is another's treasure." Or in this case - "one woman's run is another's jog."  It's so easy to get discouraged when you're running lap 2 and people are finishing up or you're coming in off the bike into T2 and people are wandering around with medals. 

But whatever you do you should be proud of it and not let anyone discourage you from trying your best. I've felt discouraged. You encourage a friend to sign up for a race and without trying she runs an eight minute mile while you've been out every week doing tempos, sprints, long runs, going to classes and all in all feeling like you're killing yourself and 10:30 is your best for a 10K - it's easy to let your spirits plummet.  However you should always be proud of your workout/race.  I had an instructor who ended every class with that mantra and it always made you feel good and know that as long as you were going all out that was what mattered.  In my bootcamp class there are multiple levels and I always try to impress upon them that whatever they are doing - as long as they are giving 100% - that's all that matters.  You may feel like a weakly next to the woman doing full pushups if you're on your knees but if you always said you'd never do pushups - it's a step up right. 

I may never "place" in a triathlon but I can keep improving and seeing myself as I'd like to and if I can step it up to 10 minutes or just below - it's not a good day, it's a great day!  Wanted to share this article from the fitterati because I felt the same way and I am sure it may encourage my fellow "slow" runners to keep on getting better (and maybe faster) and it may encourage someone to take up running or a triathlon.  You deserve your finish and your competitor medal and have pride in your accomplishment.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout

Lately it seems to me there are a lot of abbreviations for workouts - Cross Fit uses them, BodyRock does and so does my favorite online free workouts - Zuzana Light.

So I came up with TTW - Tough Tuesday Workout, so I'll try to post weekly the workout I do in my Tuesday Bootcamp class.  Most of my other WOD (workouts of the day do not occur daily they occur Wed & Fri and are usually stolen from Bodyrock or Zuzana or part of Kerri's 30 minute abs class). 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Warm-Up (same warm-up or jog for 5 minutes/dynamic stretch)

Series I (x3 Set 1 20 reps, Set 2 15 reps, Set 3 10 reps)

Jump Squat (wide stance squat, squat low tap the floor, chest up and jump up)
Heavy Weight regular squat
Wood Chop L
Wood Chop R
Full Burppee (with the push up - you can walk instead of jump or do the push up on your knees)

1 minute between sets
Break - abs
20 crunches
10 isolated crunches Left
20 crunches
10 isolated crunches Right
20 crunches
20 bicycles
plank hold 30 seconds

Series II (x3 Set 1 12 reps, Set 2 8reps, Set 3 5 reps*)
Either regular lunge with curl with light weights or back foot up on step w/curl
Dead lift with row
Squat, Curl, Press
Mt Climbers*last set instead of 5 go back and do 12
Sit on Step - Tricep French Press with heavy weight

30 seconds rest between sets
Break - abs
15, 10, 5 - with 5 seconds rest double crunch
with weight or w/out roll up and down 5 and then twist - 3 times - twist 15, 10, 5
2 sets of shrimps - which some people love and some hate - stole them from a friend who teaches yoga and works with MMA athletes. The video shows someone demo'ing them. 
Plank, side plank with hip raise both sides.

Cool Down

Done - about 45 minutes for the class.

Happy TTW.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Triathlon Take I: Sherwood Island Triathlon

Mom and I post race
I came back to beat this girl at the end. More pictures below of the swim and bike.
The first race. 
The first race of the season, when nerves take off and you wonder if you've practiced swimming enough and wonder if you'll drown.  I did not but I was definitely nervous.  I stayed at my mom's house as the race was 45 minutes away on Sherwood Island in Westport. It's a gorgeous location and a great race so I would recommend it.  This was my second time doing this race and the previous year I'd seen an ex there so I was nervous, nervous I might see him again and also ready to rock. Here's my recap.

Pre Race
Had an early dinner and went to bed early.  Was up several times in anticipation.  The alarm sounded way to early at 4:40 am since the race started at 6:30.  I would recommend day before packet pick up to get some more sleep time, this is what I did but it's still early.  Otherwise I would've been up at 4:15. Ugh.

I ate a bagel and some PB and hunkered down for a little sleep in the car.

Here's where things started to go awry.  I got the bike out and checked to make sure my bike computer for mileage, etc. was working. No dice.  Evidently upon further review, it's finicky but it had somehow run out of batteries or decided to pick that day to stop working.  The lovely Hoboken bike store Flo on Wheels fixed in for free later.  So that was out.  I was frustrated and kept trying to get it to work. I couldn't find my number because some girl had put her towel on top of it, she was in the next rack but evidently needed a ton of space, so I was down to zippo time.  I quickly warmed up and went to suit up in my wetsuit - the zipper busted in my hand. HORROR. It was pretty chilly out and the water looked grey.  We tried fixing it, I debated quitting and finally decided to proceed.  I was one of two people not in a wetsuit.  I got in and the water was pretty warm until we had to wait five minutes to actually head out.  Then I realized my heart monitor was not working.  GRRR.  The woman next to me asked if I always swam with out a wet suit and I quickly explained the story.  "You'll probably PR," she replied.  I hoped.

It was cold but I was cutting through the water to get back to the shore.  The way out took forever fighting waves, the straightaway was great and back to shore was pretty smooth sailing.  I emerged in around 14/15 minutes and ran across the beach to the tranisition. My mom was pretty impressed

I was pretty impressed I ran all the way to transition and threw on my bike shoes.  Then grabbed the bike, helmet and one of the clasps from the helmet came off in my hand.  I was in shock.  I had checked it on Thursday.  I quickly tied it on and threw on my helmet. I took off thinking I was done.

The bike is gorgeous.  Out of the park is a bit dull but once you're off the highway it's all nice back roads and nice rolling hills and long flats.  I was back in 48 minutes crushing last year's time.

Feeling good off the bike I made about a 1 minute trans. NICE!

I started the run feeling super slow. I was pissed at myself and kept pushing myself to catch up to whoever was near.  Well it worked. I clocked myself in at 10 minutes for mile 1.  Knowing only 2 miles were left I worked to keep my speed and not get down if I was passed.  I managed just about 10/11 minutes for Mile 2 which had a few hills and tried to push for the last one.  Right around 600 yards left I got passed.  I was bummed and with a quarter mile left we entered the beach.  I suddenly realized I had nothing left to lose and ran with everything I had to pass the woman who passed me.  Her husband was running with her down the beach but I took off past both of them towards my dad who was screaming at the tight right turn that left about 5 yards to the finish.  Realizing I was so close she picked it up and I had to fight to keep ahead.  I beat her by 5 seconds.  When I turned and said good run - she was definitely pissed. Oh well. Can't win them all!

Post Race
Post race stretch available on site, bagel and celebration at mom's!

Next race - June 24, 2012 - Litchfield Hills Triathlon. 
You can see I am only one without a wetsuit.

Me on the bike towards the finish.

Post race stretch.

Heading Home.