Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout

Lately it seems to me there are a lot of abbreviations for workouts - Cross Fit uses them, BodyRock does and so does my favorite online free workouts - Zuzana Light.

So I came up with TTW - Tough Tuesday Workout, so I'll try to post weekly the workout I do in my Tuesday Bootcamp class.  Most of my other WOD (workouts of the day do not occur daily they occur Wed & Fri and are usually stolen from Bodyrock or Zuzana or part of Kerri's 30 minute abs class). 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Warm-Up (same warm-up or jog for 5 minutes/dynamic stretch)

Series I (x3 Set 1 20 reps, Set 2 15 reps, Set 3 10 reps)

Jump Squat (wide stance squat, squat low tap the floor, chest up and jump up)
Heavy Weight regular squat
Wood Chop L
Wood Chop R
Full Burppee (with the push up - you can walk instead of jump or do the push up on your knees)

1 minute between sets
Break - abs
20 crunches
10 isolated crunches Left
20 crunches
10 isolated crunches Right
20 crunches
20 bicycles
plank hold 30 seconds

Series II (x3 Set 1 12 reps, Set 2 8reps, Set 3 5 reps*)
Either regular lunge with curl with light weights or back foot up on step w/curl
Dead lift with row
Squat, Curl, Press
Mt Climbers*last set instead of 5 go back and do 12
Sit on Step - Tricep French Press with heavy weight

30 seconds rest between sets
Break - abs
15, 10, 5 - with 5 seconds rest double crunch
with weight or w/out roll up and down 5 and then twist - 3 times - twist 15, 10, 5
2 sets of shrimps - which some people love and some hate - stole them from a friend who teaches yoga and works with MMA athletes. The video shows someone demo'ing them. 
Plank, side plank with hip raise both sides.

Cool Down

Done - about 45 minutes for the class.

Happy TTW.

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