Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout 2 (and krav maga)

Tough Tuesday Workout #2.  From 6 a.m. bootcamp class. 

Prep - 10-15 minute tempo run on treadmill

Warm-up - same as always (includes run, jacks, jump rope, squats, stretches) 5-7 minutes

Buy in: I stole the concept of "buy in" from Zuzana Light who is adorable. But the buy in is not.
Set 1: 2 minutes all out: Star Jacks and FootBall Run
30 seconds Rest
Set 2: 2 minutes all out: Triple Step (plyo move, football run 3rd step knee comes up to chest) and side to side leap
Set 3: 10 Full Burpees

1 minute rest

Main workout: 8 exercises total

Set 1: 10 reps each  Set 2: 8 reps Set 3: 5 reps (1 minute rest between sets)

A. Jump lunge in front of step (start with left leg back end with left leg back) with step up twice
B. Repeat with right leg back
C. Elevated push up - feet on step
D. Roll Up and Down 
E. Weighted Squats
F. Dive Bomber or regular push-up
G. Power Squat onto step
H. Half Burpee *last set full burpees

side crunch left
side crunch right
3 way crunch - touch toes, touch ankles, touch knees or toes (harder)

Cool Down and Stretch

This took about one hour to complete.

It was a great workout and I followed up with a swim, and then later that night my friend Eileen and I tried a Krav Maga class from James Sherman at Vebo Fitness in NYC. We had gotten a groupon that we finally put to good use and got a good workout.  In the class there were lots of strength exercises, and we learned some of the moves that are used in combat such as the eye poke, elbow jab and kicking.  It was good fun and I broke a good sweat (though the heat helped that) and learned some great new ab exercises that I plan to use in next week's bootcamp.

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