Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pre Vacation Workout

Billy posted the weather forecasts for the local weather on our bulletin board.  We have family in Worcester and Wallingford and we are currently in Hoboken and headed to Nosara, Costa Rica tomorrow!!!!
This is the list of what to do - you can see the 4 min Tabata list in there and the Lean section!!
We leave tomorrow for Costa Rica so I wanted to get in one last big workout before we left. I had wanted to get up early and head to the gym but that didn't happen so I got there about 10am instead.  I knew I was going to the gym because it is rain y and cold and I didn't even want to walk down to local barre for a workout.  I was sorry to be late - Whoops, but it was a long week, so I'll forgive myself.

My workouts so far this week
 Monday - Elliptical and Weights and in the afternoon a run
 Tuesday - 10 min run & Bootcamp in the morning
 Wednesday - Spin the Morning and Local Barre's Open Barre at night
 Thursday - Run in the morning and Kickboxing at night
 Friday - Spinning in the morning and yoga at night
 Saturday - Run and BodyRock (TODAY)

I started with a run on the treadmill - I ran for 25 minutes (10 min at tempo, 8 min at 5k pace, 2 min at a pace one min faster than that, 1 min back at 5k pace, 2 min slow jog w/ steep incline, 1 min sprint, 1 min slow jog).

Then I moved in to workouts I'd taken from the website, which is also  I used a bar with 2 10 lb weights on each side, one 5 lb plate for the triangles in the core section, mat, medicine ball, bosu.

First the Lean Section - targets legs and butt and some upper body I used my newly downloaded crossfit timer app on my ipad. So I went for 1 min with 10 sec. rest (7 min) use bar
Clean and Press
One legged deadlift
Other leg deadlift
Bent over row
Squat bicep curl
push up

minute rest

Second the Tabata Section I made a few adjustments for a poor knee using Tabata Timer 20 on 10 off 4 min total (12 minutes)
Low Jacks
crab toe touches
side oblique burpee
pulse 3 tuck jump

minute rest or two - this section is intense

Third - Core - 50 sec on 10 off - 6 min (19 minutes)
Plank Raise Lift leg to front (At 90 degrees) I modified to my knee halfway
Triangle Press - lean to one side and target obliques w/ plate
Hover with arm circles and opposite leg up
Superman roll over pike or knees up

minute rest

Fourth - Back to Legs - Running out of time and needing to get to errands I did 2 exercises in a one minute interval w/ 10 sec breaks (24 minutes) medicine ball and bar
Min 1 - Squats with the bar/Squat Press Overhead
Min 2 - Touchdowns with med ball (squat down tap ball to floor jump turn 180 degrees tap down)/Jump Lunges
Min 3 - Wide leg squat/Pulse squat

min rest or more - put away weights

Fifth - Core - Same as above still running out of time (29)
with the Bosu ball
Min 1 - Sit on ball, rest arms behind legs bicycle in and out/forearms on ball knees in and out
Min 2 - Waist definer (sit on ball, balance, alternate raising arms)/feet on bosu lift legs target glutes
Min 3 - crunches/tap side to side

Last bit of core - 1 min each (just about 35 minutes total for an hour long workout)
legs in and out
legs in and out to one side
in and out and - on the out open legs and circle around and in

All together this took about one hour not counting pulling out the equipment and putting it away, so I was a little late getting home for 11am.  I burned 562 calories in the hour and my heart rate high was 174 and 137 average. 

This is just after I finished in the car with my awesome new bright yellow tank top from Old Navy and red sparkly headband - I was sweating!!!

Remember to talk to a doctor before starting a workout and to always keep on tri'n!

Spin-a-thon 2013 Playlist at Sky Club in Hoboken

One February 2, 2013 Sky Club Fitness and Spa in Hoboken, NJ held a Spin-a-thon and Zumba-thon to benefit the Hoboken Shelter.  Last week I presented them with cash and checks for $525 and some in-kind donations. 

My playlist

Don't Stop the Party - Pitbull
What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) - Kelly
Good Feeling - Flo Rida
Spectrum (Say My Name) - Florence and the Machine
Pound the Alarm - Nicki Minaj
Crazy in Love - Bey and Jay-Z
Closer - Tegan and Sara
Glad you came - The Wanted.

Valentine's Day Playlist

Valentine's Day Playlist

Love is a Battlefield - Pat Benetar
Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
When Love Takes Over - David Guetta
If you're wondering if I want to i want you to - Weezer
My life would suck without you - Kelly Clarkson
We found love - Rihanna
Love is Gone - David Guetta
That's not my name - Ting Tings
Blow Me (one last kiss) - P!nk
I love you - Remix - Sarah McLachlan
Kandi- One Eskimo

Songs 3 - 6 are part of rolling hills (1 minute seated flat, 1 min seated climb, 1 min standing climb, 30 sec standing run) 7 is recovery for a min and run and then uphills to the finish.  Love is a Battlefield and you battle uphill! :)

Grammy Spin Playlist

Grammy Spin Playlist

We are Young - fun.
Somebody that I used to Know (Tiesto Remix) - Gotye
What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) - Kelly Clarkson
Set Fire to the Rain (Remix Workout Team) - Adele
Lonely Boy - Black Keys
I Will Wait - Mumford and Sons
Suit and Tie (Feat. Jay-Z)- Justin Timberlake
Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen
Some Nights - fun.
Shake It Out - Florence and the Machine
Try - P!nk
Ho Hey - Lumineers

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tough Tuesday Workout February 19, 2013

Only five long days until I head off for Costa Rica so today's workout had to be tough.  It was a small group as the Monday holiday and week of vacation for many teachers means that many of our gym rats are either too tired to get up or choose to come later in the day. However, we still had a solid small group and they put in an intense workout. 

Today we did a Tabata style HIIT training. I say Tabata style because a true honest to goodness Tabata workout is only 4 minutes long. That's it. It's sweat and nausea inducing as Shape calls it in an article on Tabata but it does not run over 4 minutes.  I have been many Tabata inspired workout because I did 3 rounds of Tabata style HIIT intervals broken up with weights.  It was hard. Perhaps only because I had just returned from being severely ill but even most athletic students were definitely red-faced and tired at the end of 4 minutes. I downloaded a great app to my Ipad for crossfit training that allows you to perfectly time the 20 second on 10 off intervals - amazing!  Before class started I explained the Tabata method and HIIT concept.

Needed: step with 2 risers, light and heavy weights and mat

Warmup - walk, run, jump rope, jacks, squats (10), lunges (5 on each leg), and stretches to warm up.

First Interval
4 sets of 20 on/10off mt climbers, switch halfway to high knees holding one light weight (I had 8 lbs)
(After this interval, we decided it would be better to alternate the 2 exercises for 4 minutes - those 2 minutes of mt climbers lasted FOREVER!! - see my previous posts about hating mt climbers!!)

Sculpting Set - Repeated twice more
10 squat and press - keeps the heart rate up! Heavy weights
One arm row on each side with heavy weights
20 reverse lunge with a curl w/light
10 overhead press w/ light
10 squats w/ heavy
10 lunges w/ one foot up on step with heavy weights (10 each side)
10 bicep curls w/ heavy
10 triceps overhead w/ one heavy
10 deadlifts and row w/ heavy

Second Interval 
Alternate power squat up onto the step and toe taps on the step for the 4 minute interval

Repeat Sculpting Set

Third Interval
Alternate lunges side to over the step with wide stance burpee with a tricep pushup (elbows to side) for 4 minute interval (After each interval I was dying so you need to work as hard as you possibly can)

Repeat Sculpting Set

Plank w/pushup and thread (pushup, rotate to R, thread R arm under left side of body, lift arm up, lower down and pushup and go to the left side, 10 total, 5 each side)
20 crunches legs on ball
Forearm plank or hover (on knees) rock hips side to side, press up to full plank knee in R&L, that's one for 10, I did 2 or 3 in the hover.
20 crunches, legs on ball
Plank - center 10 sec, R 10 sec, center 10, L 10
10 in and out crunches
10 reverse curls.

Cool Down and lots of stretches. This took one hour. Burned roughly 560 calories - I had burned 100 before class doing a 10 minute run on the treadmill.

My motivation for today! From the Harmony Hotel!

Remember to always consult a doctor before working out and to keep on tri'n!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sick, Sick, Sick

While I wholeheartedly enjoy the opportunity to stay home and relax, especially in the winter, I hate being sick enough for it to last more than a day or so.  I can get on board with  a sniffle, sore throat, and taking a recoup day to sleep and catch up on things like missed episodes of the Golden Girls, Veronica Mars and Murder, She Wrote (yeah, that's what I watch).  Yesterday was the exciting episode at the end of Veronica Mars Season 2 where we find out who put the bomb on the bus, Logan and Veronica get back together (yay!!), and Aaron Echolls gets his due and Veronica graduates.  But, I can't stand when the cold cuts in on my training and makes it impossible for me to do things I want to do like work out 2 weeks before I leave or Costa Rica. 

 Yesterday, hoping I'd make it to work after one day at home, I got up and went to the gym. As soon as I got there, I knew I had to get home and get to bed and would never get through the class unless I instructed only as opposed to participating in much of the workout.  This is also gives me a great opportunity to make sure knees are in line with ankles and keep an eye on the clock.  They did a workout based on one we'd done 3 weeks ago and they rocked it!! I couldn't believe the pushups some of these girls (6 in total!!) were banging out!! Must give credit to BodyRock for the inspiration behind this workout plus some of my own creativity.

It went like this:

Warm UP

Set One
Jump Rope
Oblique chop - (Jump Lunge holding ball, then oblique twist)
Jump Rope
Squat and Alternating Arm Raise with Heavy Weights (I had 12-15 lbs)
Jump Rope
Half burpee deadl lift with heavy weights
Jump Rope
Squat Jumps with the ball held out in front
Jump Rope
Squat Curl Press with heavy Weights
Jump Rope
Elevated Pushups (feet on step or chair)
Jump Rope
Plank on hands - tap opposite shoulder 4x and then in and out for 8
Jump Rope
Squat Upright Row
Jump Rope
Scissors (for abs - opposite shoulder/opposite leg lifts)
Jump Rope
Half burpee Jump on Step
Jump Rope
Squat Curl Press

Plank, Pushup, Roll to R Side Plank, Thread arm underneath body, lift up, lower, pushup, repeat on L. 10x total
Ball under knees, lift and lower, 20x
Forearm plank, hip drop L&R, raise up into top of pushup plank, L&R knee, repeat 10x
Ball under knees, lift and lower, 20x
In and out on the step 10x

Set 2
Jump Rope
Oblique chop - (Jump Lunge holding ball, then oblique twist)
Jump Rope
Squat and Alternating Arm Raise with Heavy Weights (I had 12-15 lbs)
Jump Rope
Half burpee deadl lift with heavy weights
Jump Rope
Squat Jumps with the ball held out in front
Jump Rope
Squat Curl Press with heavy Weights
Jump Rope
Elevated Pushups (feet on step or chair)
Jump Rope
Squat Curl Press

Cool Down!

Anyway, they definitely kept each other motivated and going and it was amazing to see!

Remember to talk to a doctor before starting any exercise and to keep on tri'n!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Muffins, Mozzarella and Billions of Bananas (Recipes)

In my last post I talked about the successful Spin-a-thon I held at Sky Club Fitness and Spa in Hoboken this past weekend.  The event was great and raised more than $500.  I am very proud of all the attendees and I was exhausted after it was over.

I bought so much food to prep for the event, I put together candy bags for every attendee (it's close to Valentine's Day!) and I brought oranges, bananas, bagels, granola bars and trail mix. Unfortunately, people did not eat as much as I anticipated, except for the oranges and I brought home a bunch of bananas and more.  While granola bars will stay and be great for summer biking, what the heck was I gonna do with all these bananas??

So during lunch I googled banana recipes and I cranked out these recipes.

Oatmeal Banana Muffins.
I made a few tweaks, I added 2 tbsp peanut butter and 2 tsp of vanilla and instead of a loaf I made muffins, baking them at 400 degrees for 18-20 minutes
I have eaten one each morning with yogurt and fruit on the side. 

Strawberry Banana Fro Yo
Since there were a ton of bananas I also bought some vanilla fro you and jazzed it up with this recipe
Unfortunately Mangoes are not in season so I used strawberries and I did not have reg. milk so I used almond. I don't have an ice cream maker but I put it in an airtight container in the freezer. The mixture tasted so GOOD!! I could've drank the whole thing as a smoothie right there! I tried a bit yesterday and it rocked.

I also had a lot of mozzarella cheese leftover from making pizza the night before so I threw together rice and pasta for that night and the rest of the week.  The pasta lasted us that night and my lunch for the next day. And the brown rice I ate last night and we'll eat tonight.

Whole wheat spaghetti cooked to package directions
Pesto store bought and reheated
Pine nuts - toasted in a dry skillet
Sauteed kale and spinach and zucchini - in a skillet w/EVOO and S&P
Mix all ingredients together with 1 cup shredded mozzarella and 1 tbsp parm

Cook Brown Rice to Package Directions in Low Sodium Chicken Stock
After it's done, fluff with a fork and add crushed tomatoes and mozzarella. and 1 tbsp parm.
I ate with a veggie burger and a salad and tonight I am serving with turkey breast.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuff Wkend & Tuff Tuesday Bootylicious Workout (2/5/13)

This weekend I went back and forth between super fitness and super unhealthy, which is not good at all for my upcoming Costa Rica trip in 3 weeks. I got back on track today after eating the remainder of the ice cream from our football Sunday. Whoops! Saturday we were all about being healthy, working out frequently, leading off with a 4.5 mile run in the morning, then participating in a Spinning segment of our Successful Sky Club Spin-a-thon and Zumba-thon!!  We raised $525 for the Shelter. I also tried Zumba, which did not seem like my kind of work-out at all but my friends certainly got into it. I noticed when I went to spin all the soreness from my run 3 hours before kicked in and my legs felt like lead but we made it! I will post the playlist soon!

On Sunday my diet fell apart, and Monday I took a rest day, but today we were back to healthy eats and working out.  I took part of the workout from a Zuzka Light workout and when I did it Sunday but legs and butt were killing me so I thought in honor of Beyonce's epic performance at the Superbowl we would work our legs and butt extra hard with lots of squats and lunges.

For this workout you will need: one step with 4 risers, light weights (5lbs) and heavy weights (10-12lbs) and a ball.  

Warmup - Run/Skip/Jacks, squats, lunges, stretches, marching it out.

Section 1 50 sec on 10 sec off
Rope Skip
Jump Lunge w/light weights, curl, press arms out
5 pushups, 5 rows R, 5 pushups, 5 rows L, repeat
Jump up on Step 5x, step over, 5 leg lifts sitting on step (lean back on sit bones pull legs up and knees in), run around step repeat
Jump Squat
Arnold Press

30 Pulses (10 slow, 20 quick)
Froggie Crunch - legs at 45 degrees in diamond, pulls knees in when you push out lift head & shoulders x 15
Scissors x 15
Reverse Crunch x15
Regular Crunch x 15
on the Step sit on sit bones same as for leg lifts except bicycle legs for 20
Using the ball dig in your heels and lift your hips, 15x
Legs over the ball crunches 20x
Plank leg lifts for 20 (in your plank, lift with legs straight R & L alternating)
Forearm plank mt climbers
With feet on the step tap side to side in a plank for 10

Section 2 (50 sec on, 10 off)
with R foot on step and no weights reach down tap the floor and then reach up like you are putting a box away in a high closet shelf for 40 seconds for last 10 jump up springing up off left leg
Same thing with left foot on step
Squat Curl Press w/ heavy weight
One legged squat foot on step 30 Seconds/One Legged Dead lift 20 sec (R leg on step)
Repeat with left leg on step
With one heavy weight squats with legs wide and alternate upright rows

Squats 20x w/heavy weights
Screamer Lunge (in front of step, step back right then step up with right, drive left knee up) 10x w/ light weights
Dead lift 20x w/ heavy weights
Other side for Screamer Lunge 10x
Plie Squat 10x

Repeat Abs Section

This workout took about an hour and I burned about 500 calories so it was a darn good high energy workout. Before the workout I went for a 15 minute interval run on the treadmill. I did not use 1lb weights for skipping this week since I will be doing kickboxing later, and last week I thought my arms would fall off with all the weight lifting I did earlier in the day.  Hope that you soon start to notice some bootylicious results with your workout!

Remember to always consult with a physician before beginning a workout and Keep on tri'n!