Monday, December 10, 2012

First of December - Tough Tuesday

When we got to bootcamp on the first week of December, we found out we had no stereo and we had to make do in a tough spot. Fortunately, one of my students used her phones speakers to play some music and I decided to reuse the previous week's workout to speed up the class. 

Tough Tuesday Workout - 50 minutes

Warm Up
Run/Jump Rope/Jacks

Workout (3 sets of each of 50 sec on 10 sec off, 1 minute rest in between)
Power Squat (Jump on onto step)
Squat with heavy weights

Jumping Jacks
Single arm row

Hot Feet (30sec) 20 seconds lunge jumps
Reverse lunge with heavy weights

High Knees (30sec) 20 seconds butt kicks
Overhead press

Squat Thrust
side squat

Hot Feet with one Light Weight (curl and press overhead)
Side Raise to Front Raise with Light Weights

Mt Climbers w/bench

Abs for 10 minutes - I made it up as went and I would do sets of crunches, planks and hit all the target areas.
Cool Down and done!