Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Back in Action!

It's been awhile since my last post. The new job and the holidays kept me plenty busy. As well as visiting my new niece and training for the More Fitness Half Marathon - up to 8 miles this weekend! What a great winter for training.

I got a great response from this boot camp class - I based the idea on's 600 rep workout. I focused a lot on legs and added in some moves from Fitness magazine's sexy legs workout. I liked a lot of the moves they did - many of the moves are similar to one's used by celeb trainers like Jackie Warner and the one's used by the Sucker Punch trainer who whipped those ladies into fighting shape.

I was asked to incorporate the workout every few weeks and I will do my best to and to make it harder every time.

100 high knee skips
50 squats
25 curls
10 pushups
100 high knee skips
50 lunges L/R
25 skull crushers
25 reverse crunch
10 pushups
100 high knee skips
50 squats (evidently I did 60 - oops)
25 over heard press
10 pushups
100 high knee skips
50 lunges L/R
20 pushups
20 crunches
2 min HIIT - squat jumps/football run/heels
plie squat and one legged dead lift
2 min HIIT cross jabs/kicks/high knee run
sissy squat and one legged jump
20 - crunch
20- double crunch
20 oblique right
20-oblique left
20- bicycles