Friday, October 26, 2012

Super Green Smoothie and Super Playlist

Today was a ROUGH day.  I would've loved to have slept in until noon but unfortunately Spinning duty called EARLY.  So I decided to start the day with my new favorite playlist! Not driving to work I don't get updated on the latest top 40 hits but with the Rush Cycle class the other day and some research I put together a pretty super playlist.

Super WED/FRI Playlist
Mumford and Sons - I Will Wait - Warm Up
In My Mind (Axwell Mix - 6min) - Ivan Gough - Moderate Hill - Run in 2 and Jumps (8cts, 4cts, 2cts)
Try - P!nk - Hill climb - saddle - up to 3 on the chorus
The Time (Dirty Bit) - Black Eyed Peas - Flush and then 40-20 temp and sprint 4x
Pound the Alarm - Nicki Minaj - Run in 2 at the chorus pick up the pace then at pound the alarm 2 ct jumps
Push and Shove - No Doubt - Hill Climb - all saddle on the chorus when it slows up add A LOT of road and really climb up
Mountain Sound - Of Monsters and Men - Recovery 90 seconds and then a run in 2, ending in a light climb
One More Night - Maroon 5 - Hill Climb in 3
Catch My Breath - Kelly Clarkson - seated sprint - double time at the chorus
White Ladder - David Gray - Cool Down

Super Smoothie
I came home and had an awesome green smoothie. Mixing together the following in the Bullet:

1/2 cup Silk Light Soymilk
4 strawberries
6-8 pieces of pineapple - precubed from store
Big tablespoon full of chiobani vanilla yogurt
Handful of spinach

It turns a nice shade of pinky green - I enjoyed it while taking a look at my flowers and then heading to yoga at Sky Club for early lunch yoga!

Remember to ask your doctor before doing any exercise and to enjoy and keep on tri'n! For more information on spinning check

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout #15: Burpee Bonanza Bootcamp, 8 Mile & RushRyde

Over the weekend, I was looking at workouts and determining what to do this week and I came across a burpee ladders workout. I thought I could incorporate it into the class and do circuits, which seems to be a good format for the class. Scroll down for workout...about halfway.

If you are unsure how to do a burpee (also known as squat thrust) or what it is, check out this video from Crossfit on youtube to see how it is done.  They include a modification to the knees which you may need.

This exercise fires up the whole body, I could feel the burn in my legs after a weekend of working out.  This weekend, in preparation for the half marathon in Disney, we ran 8 miles along the Hoboken Waterfront in the evening - we spent the morning cleaning, shopping and running errands and somehow the day flew by and it was 5 pm.  It was a long, slow run since I had eaten oddly all day and upon setting out on the run, immediately got stomach sick.  Great....  But, we finished.  Below is a view of the waterfront from stockphoto.  We were wishing we had a camera because the twilight and trees framing the Empire State Building as we ran down 15th Street was amazing.

 Then on Sunday I tried Real Ryder from Spinning at Rush Cycling in Hoboken. Under the first link you can see a review of the Real Ryder which is 100% accurate.  I felt fine on the bike and was prepared to take it easy until I stood up and was astounded at how hard the bike rocked back and forth and how hard it was to control.  And, I did feel my abs engage as soon as I started turning right and left. I will say the instructor, Gary, was great and had amazing music.  I left the class feeling inspired to create a new playlist and to try this again. I was curious about certification and will definitely speak to him again in the Winter months. Standing is definitely the most difficult position to grasp, as the seated lean and look feels odd but understandable. That afternoon we went down to the D&R Canal near Rutgers for our annual Halloween Ride. This picture is old from 2 years ago, this year was MUCH warmer. I was wearing shorts, a tank top and compression arm sleeves (which B. thought were insane.) Pics from this year are on Billy's camera which probably means we'll never see them. We did about 16-20 miles, not sure since I was using the mt bike on the trail.

Tough Tuesday Workout #15
 So needless to say for the Burpee Bonanza I was exhausted.  We also put in a decent 3.1 miles last night before it got too dark.

(We are in a decent sized studio room for group fitness classes)
Warm Up

Same as usual - March, Run, Jump Rope, Jacks
Warm Up the Legs, Arms with light squats, lunges and stretches.

Do 10 burpees run to one side of the room and back 8 burpees, run again, 6, run, 4, run, 2 and done.


Circuit  - heavy weights
10 Overhead Press with half squat
10 Power Squat Jumps
10 Bicep Curls
10 Lunge Jumps (land softly)
10 Curl and Press
20 Squats
20 one legged rows L&R (20 each)
10 one legged squats L&R (10 each side)

Repeat that Set

Abs - Sitting up tall with legs slightly bent and toes up, roll back halfway, repeat 10x and 10 hold for 4 (grabbing under knees if you need to). Repeat 3x. Roll all the way back tap behind and roll up for 10.  Roll onto back, legs up, bent to 90 degrees, 10 tiny crunches, turnover hold plank 30 seconds.

Back to Burpees
Repeat in reverse so start with 2, run and so on adding 2 each time up to 10.


Repeat 1 round of our circuit subbing in split stance lunge with weights for the lunge jumps. 

20 crunches
Turn legs to right at 90 degrees - 10 crunches and repeat on left.
20 reverse crunches
Side plank, thread arm under stomach 5x, repeat on opposite side.


Remember to check with your doctor before doing any workout and to always Keep on Tri'n.  Enjoy the burpees and you can always modify them. By the end I was doing a few pushups on my knees and had to step back for numbers 5,6,7 out of 10 on the very last set. My quads were burning with the squat thrust after the running and biking. This is a pic of me in Ireland doing a burpee at Mt. Slemish near Belfast. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout #14: Post Birthday Workout

Today's workout I wanted to do something a bit different and not use of a lot of equipment.  It was just after my birthday, which was Monday. Happy Birthday to me!

Tough Tuesday Workout #14

I had everyone grab a weighted bar and a mat (and later for circuits, dumbells). 

We warmed up with jacks, running and jump rope as usual and did some squats, stretches for the legs and glutes and some lunges.  After a few quick overhead stretches and warming up for the back, we were on our way.

We did 3 sets of 3 exercises using the whole room

Set #1 (3x each)
Walking Lunges across the room down and back.
Shuttle Run back and forth 2x

Set #2
Side lunge down and back
Shuffle, staying low, down and back

Set #3
Putting a weighted plate on a towel, push the towel across the floor, down and back
Shuttle run back and forth 2x

Water Break

20 squats
15 bicep curls
20 reverse lunges each on R&L
15 overhead press
20 bicycles for the abs
10 burpees (competition style)

20 sissy squats, heel is up on a weight (See Jackie Warner do them in the link provided)
10 pushups with twist, pushup, rotate to right while lifting right arm, center, pushup, twist and lift left
20 lunges reverse lift the knee
10 pushups with a twist
20 dead lifts
10 pushups
50 crunches

Repeat Circuit #1 (cutting reps in half b/c of time).

Hold plank 30 seconds, quick turn 50 crunches.

Cool down and stretch. Took about 55 minutes.  It seemed to go over well because it was something new and different. I'll try something similar again...maybe next week.

My cake courtesy of one nice guy. 

I definitely had to work off my birthday calories as I had had some birthday cake and a great dinner at Hoboken's Clinton Social where I had a pumpkin martini, which was amazing.  Thanks to Hoboken Girl for the recommendation!

The pumpkin martini.

Birthday Run
Despite the tremendous amount of calories I took in, I did start my birthday out right.  You'll remember in my last post I was eager not to get sick because we were doing the Rock n Roll 10k in Brooklyn that Saturday Oct. 13th? We were up at 5a.m. and in a car to Bk.  We met Eileen by 7 and we were running by 7:40.  And it was FREEZING. New York was so cold that day - in the 30s!!  I wore my compression socks and shorts but changed right after the race into a fleece.  We got complimentary beers after the race and there was a good band playing but we didn't lost long because of the COLD. Then we went to a nice warm brunch place where we had many, many mimosas and Eileen and I split frittata and pancakes.  I must say, despite the COLD, I was very glad to start my  day in Prospect Park with a nice run.  The next day we had a nice bike ride, in warmer weather on Long Island. A pic of the happy running trio with our heavy medals. 

Rock and Roll 10K in BK on October 13, 2012. COLD!

Remember to always talk to your doctor before starting any exercise and keep on tri'n.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tough Tuesday (Wednesday) Workout #13: DC, Wed Sub & Bday Wkend

This weekend we enjoyed a whirlwind weekend trip to D.C. My first time ever in D.C. (I know - poor parenting).  We enjoyed our stay immensely, I was thrilled to explore the Spy Museum, the monuments and go for a run on the national gallery.  Unfortunately, it was freezing which meant I had to go to City Sports and by more running gear.  Oh NO! The horror.

Photo is courtesy of the internet.  I loved the Spy Museum but it was pouring down rain and I did not get a chance to take many pictures. It was also freezing cold. We had said we were going to go biking but just did not get the chance. We did do a lot of snacking in the car ride down, random eating and eating out at nice restaurants including Clyde's and Cafe Milano in Georgetown.  We were on total food overload. I felt horrible during our 5 mile run around the gallery.  However, by the time it was done, I felt great.  And I loved my new hot pink compression socks. Awesome!

So our food explosion continued when we came home and ordered pizza. Not a good way to start the week.  So Tuesday morning I woke feeling nauseous and slightly sick - all that time in the rain and running wasn't make me any healthier. So I when I went to the gym I used an old stand by - Tough Tuesday Workout #9 and held myself back so I wouldn't feel awful.  Worked like a charm, I was back in the saddle on Wednesday morning - literally - back in the Spinning cycle and by Wednesday evening had gone for a quick run and was back to sub Total Body Sculpt Wed Evening. All of this was at Sky Club in Hoboken (photo courtesy citistructure) and I was subbing for another amazing instructor.

Total Body Sculpt Workout

Warm Up
March - 16 ct
Run (butt kicks) 1 minute
Jacks 1 min
Run 30 seconds
Jump Rope 1 minute
Run 30 seconds
Walk it out 8 ct
Squats - 8
Lunges and Stretch the legs both sides, warm up the back and you're ready to party.

Circuit 1
Reverse lunge with light weights off the step - 20x right
Bicep Curl on one legl 15 times
Curtsy Squat Right off step 20 times
Lat Raise 15 times
2 sets: 10 squats with heavy weights - 10 pushups (your choice on style)
10 competition burpees - drop to floor instead of pushup

Left side same routine except instead of competition burpees roll up your mat and jump over back and forth 10x
1 more set of 10 squats and 10 pushups (so you have 50 total)

Circuit 2:
20 one legged rows, heavy weight, L&R
20 squats with heavy weight - one squat means going down, halfway up, down again all the way up
10 one legged rows, heavy weight, L&R
10 each side one legged squats, with overhead press, with or without weight
5  one legged rows, heavy weight, L&R
10  squats with light weight held overhead - one squat means going down, halfway up, down again all the way up
15 upright rows - elbows up!
15 plie squats

Circuit 3
20 crunches sitting on step - knees in and out - sit on sitbones
10 tricep dips
15 chest press
Stand up with one foot on end of step - 15 one legged lunges no weights
20 crunches sitting on step - knees in and out - sit on sitbones
10 tricep dips (want more of challenge - weight on your lap)
15 chest press
 Stand up with other foot on end of step - 15 one legged lunges no weights
10  crunches sitting on step - knees in and out - sit on sitbones

With heavy weight - side (oblique) crunches standing up.
Hold Plank 30 seconds.

Cool Down and stretch.

Awesome workout fit in just about 45-50 minutes. And a great way to make me feel good and fit in some weights mid week - I am trying to avoid too many weights at the end of the week and roll back on running as for my birthday weekend my friends and I are doing the NY Rock and Roll 10k (6.2) for my 32nd bday. Can't wait!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout #12 Kickbox and Circuits

 I had missed kickboxing and wanted to incorporate it into a workout so with a step and heavy weights I had the class pick up some light weights - this incorporates a few different ZWOW from Zuzana light into the workout. *note this workout is slightly different than the one in class because I made some moderate improvements - meaning I hope to use it in the very near future again.

 Same as always - Jog, jacks, jump rope (3 J's) and some light stretching as well as squats and lunges to warm up the big muscle groups. Don't forget to warm up the back with some cat/cow.

We started off with a cardio/kickboxing set

1 min jump rope
1 min jacks
16x Jab
16x Jab Cross
Both sure to do both sides 
16x kicks on R&L

Circuit 1:
10x feet elevated pushups
10x competition burpees - no pushup drop to stomach
20x squats
20x mt climbers
10x roll up (abs)

Circuit 2:
10x Wood Chop and Cross Body (down to right foot, left foot, cross body to right and left)
side to side jump with a kick

1 min jump rope
1 min jacks
16x Hook
16x Upper
Both sure to do both sides 
16x side kicks on R&L

Repeat Circuits 1 and 2

1 min jump rope
1 min jacks
16x Jab, Cross, Hook, Upper

16x knees on R&L

Repeat only Circuit 1

Hold Plank for 1 minute
20 sit ups
20 obliques R&L
20 bicycles
20 reverse crunches

Cool Down and Stretch.

Make sure to speak to a dr before starting any workout and have fun and keep on tri'n!