Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout #15: Burpee Bonanza Bootcamp, 8 Mile & RushRyde

Over the weekend, I was looking at workouts and determining what to do this week and I came across a burpee ladders workout. I thought I could incorporate it into the class and do circuits, which seems to be a good format for the class. Scroll down for workout...about halfway.

If you are unsure how to do a burpee (also known as squat thrust) or what it is, check out this video from Crossfit on youtube to see how it is done.  They include a modification to the knees which you may need.

This exercise fires up the whole body, I could feel the burn in my legs after a weekend of working out.  This weekend, in preparation for the half marathon in Disney, we ran 8 miles along the Hoboken Waterfront in the evening - we spent the morning cleaning, shopping and running errands and somehow the day flew by and it was 5 pm.  It was a long, slow run since I had eaten oddly all day and upon setting out on the run, immediately got stomach sick.  Great....  But, we finished.  Below is a view of the waterfront from stockphoto.  We were wishing we had a camera because the twilight and trees framing the Empire State Building as we ran down 15th Street was amazing.

 Then on Sunday I tried Real Ryder from Spinning at Rush Cycling in Hoboken. Under the first link you can see a review of the Real Ryder which is 100% accurate.  I felt fine on the bike and was prepared to take it easy until I stood up and was astounded at how hard the bike rocked back and forth and how hard it was to control.  And, I did feel my abs engage as soon as I started turning right and left. I will say the instructor, Gary, was great and had amazing music.  I left the class feeling inspired to create a new playlist and to try this again. I was curious about certification and will definitely speak to him again in the Winter months. Standing is definitely the most difficult position to grasp, as the seated lean and look feels odd but understandable. That afternoon we went down to the D&R Canal near Rutgers for our annual Halloween Ride. This picture is old from 2 years ago, this year was MUCH warmer. I was wearing shorts, a tank top and compression arm sleeves (which B. thought were insane.) Pics from this year are on Billy's camera which probably means we'll never see them. We did about 16-20 miles, not sure since I was using the mt bike on the trail.

Tough Tuesday Workout #15
 So needless to say for the Burpee Bonanza I was exhausted.  We also put in a decent 3.1 miles last night before it got too dark.

(We are in a decent sized studio room for group fitness classes)
Warm Up

Same as usual - March, Run, Jump Rope, Jacks
Warm Up the Legs, Arms with light squats, lunges and stretches.

Do 10 burpees run to one side of the room and back 8 burpees, run again, 6, run, 4, run, 2 and done.


Circuit  - heavy weights
10 Overhead Press with half squat
10 Power Squat Jumps
10 Bicep Curls
10 Lunge Jumps (land softly)
10 Curl and Press
20 Squats
20 one legged rows L&R (20 each)
10 one legged squats L&R (10 each side)

Repeat that Set

Abs - Sitting up tall with legs slightly bent and toes up, roll back halfway, repeat 10x and 10 hold for 4 (grabbing under knees if you need to). Repeat 3x. Roll all the way back tap behind and roll up for 10.  Roll onto back, legs up, bent to 90 degrees, 10 tiny crunches, turnover hold plank 30 seconds.

Back to Burpees
Repeat in reverse so start with 2, run and so on adding 2 each time up to 10.


Repeat 1 round of our circuit subbing in split stance lunge with weights for the lunge jumps. 

20 crunches
Turn legs to right at 90 degrees - 10 crunches and repeat on left.
20 reverse crunches
Side plank, thread arm under stomach 5x, repeat on opposite side.


Remember to check with your doctor before doing any workout and to always Keep on Tri'n.  Enjoy the burpees and you can always modify them. By the end I was doing a few pushups on my knees and had to step back for numbers 5,6,7 out of 10 on the very last set. My quads were burning with the squat thrust after the running and biking. This is a pic of me in Ireland doing a burpee at Mt. Slemish near Belfast. 

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