Friday, October 5, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout #12 Kickbox and Circuits

 I had missed kickboxing and wanted to incorporate it into a workout so with a step and heavy weights I had the class pick up some light weights - this incorporates a few different ZWOW from Zuzana light into the workout. *note this workout is slightly different than the one in class because I made some moderate improvements - meaning I hope to use it in the very near future again.

 Same as always - Jog, jacks, jump rope (3 J's) and some light stretching as well as squats and lunges to warm up the big muscle groups. Don't forget to warm up the back with some cat/cow.

We started off with a cardio/kickboxing set

1 min jump rope
1 min jacks
16x Jab
16x Jab Cross
Both sure to do both sides 
16x kicks on R&L

Circuit 1:
10x feet elevated pushups
10x competition burpees - no pushup drop to stomach
20x squats
20x mt climbers
10x roll up (abs)

Circuit 2:
10x Wood Chop and Cross Body (down to right foot, left foot, cross body to right and left)
side to side jump with a kick

1 min jump rope
1 min jacks
16x Hook
16x Upper
Both sure to do both sides 
16x side kicks on R&L

Repeat Circuits 1 and 2

1 min jump rope
1 min jacks
16x Jab, Cross, Hook, Upper

16x knees on R&L

Repeat only Circuit 1

Hold Plank for 1 minute
20 sit ups
20 obliques R&L
20 bicycles
20 reverse crunches

Cool Down and Stretch.

Make sure to speak to a dr before starting any workout and have fun and keep on tri'n!

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