Friday, October 19, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout #14: Post Birthday Workout

Today's workout I wanted to do something a bit different and not use of a lot of equipment.  It was just after my birthday, which was Monday. Happy Birthday to me!

Tough Tuesday Workout #14

I had everyone grab a weighted bar and a mat (and later for circuits, dumbells). 

We warmed up with jacks, running and jump rope as usual and did some squats, stretches for the legs and glutes and some lunges.  After a few quick overhead stretches and warming up for the back, we were on our way.

We did 3 sets of 3 exercises using the whole room

Set #1 (3x each)
Walking Lunges across the room down and back.
Shuttle Run back and forth 2x

Set #2
Side lunge down and back
Shuffle, staying low, down and back

Set #3
Putting a weighted plate on a towel, push the towel across the floor, down and back
Shuttle run back and forth 2x

Water Break

20 squats
15 bicep curls
20 reverse lunges each on R&L
15 overhead press
20 bicycles for the abs
10 burpees (competition style)

20 sissy squats, heel is up on a weight (See Jackie Warner do them in the link provided)
10 pushups with twist, pushup, rotate to right while lifting right arm, center, pushup, twist and lift left
20 lunges reverse lift the knee
10 pushups with a twist
20 dead lifts
10 pushups
50 crunches

Repeat Circuit #1 (cutting reps in half b/c of time).

Hold plank 30 seconds, quick turn 50 crunches.

Cool down and stretch. Took about 55 minutes.  It seemed to go over well because it was something new and different. I'll try something similar again...maybe next week.

My cake courtesy of one nice guy. 

I definitely had to work off my birthday calories as I had had some birthday cake and a great dinner at Hoboken's Clinton Social where I had a pumpkin martini, which was amazing.  Thanks to Hoboken Girl for the recommendation!

The pumpkin martini.

Birthday Run
Despite the tremendous amount of calories I took in, I did start my birthday out right.  You'll remember in my last post I was eager not to get sick because we were doing the Rock n Roll 10k in Brooklyn that Saturday Oct. 13th? We were up at 5a.m. and in a car to Bk.  We met Eileen by 7 and we were running by 7:40.  And it was FREEZING. New York was so cold that day - in the 30s!!  I wore my compression socks and shorts but changed right after the race into a fleece.  We got complimentary beers after the race and there was a good band playing but we didn't lost long because of the COLD. Then we went to a nice warm brunch place where we had many, many mimosas and Eileen and I split frittata and pancakes.  I must say, despite the COLD, I was very glad to start my  day in Prospect Park with a nice run.  The next day we had a nice bike ride, in warmer weather on Long Island. A pic of the happy running trio with our heavy medals. 

Rock and Roll 10K in BK on October 13, 2012. COLD!

Remember to always talk to your doctor before starting any exercise and keep on tri'n.

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