Monday, February 10, 2014

Snow time like now to Workout (February 2014)

Too Snowy to Workout?
This winter has been brutal.  Between the polar vortex, icy weather and snow, no one feels like coming out for an early morning workout.  Whereas 5 or 7 in bootcamp and 10 or 12 in spin were excellent early morning numbers now 3 and 5 are becoming the norm for my classes, and that's when the snow doesn't force us to miss them.  The good news is that we took advantage of the snowy weather to learn how to snow shoe.
Picture of me snow shoeing in Liberty State Park. 

Picture with Lady Liberty.

But, I think we still put in some pretty hard core workouts despite the weather.  In bootcamp, I decided to my upcoming vacation to Costa Rica as incentive to up my weight and designed a workout that incorporates heavy weights, high intensity cardio and more to give a killer workout. As the class is an hour, I broke the work out up into 3 roughly 10- 15 minute segments with a 5-7 minute warm up and cool down a few minutes rest in between. I also pointed out that they could do any of the 3 15 minute segments on their own and get in a great workout if they were at home, a hotel or pressed for time.  Better to do something than nothing!

Heavy Weights and High Intensity Tough Tuesday Boot Camp Training

 3 rounds as fast as you can
10 burpees
10 dead lift row heavy weight
10 low jack push-up
10 lunges with heavy weight
10 step ups heavy weight
10 plank taps with push-up, tap each shoulder, push up

50seconds on/10 seconds off, 3 rounds, heavy weight
Squat press
One legged squat with one heavy barbell, I used 12 or 15 lb
Switch and other side
Dead lift row bicep curl
Clean & press

5 min - repeat exercises until time is up
 Section 1
10 squat overhead press
20 lunge curl
10 jump squat
20 jump lunge

Section 2
10 burpees
20 dragon lunge
10 side to side jumps
20 mt climbers

Back to Running
In the past few weeks, we were also very fortunate that it finally stopped snowing enough on the weekends for us to get outside.  Last weekend, the weekend of the Superbowl it was nice enough for us to get in a run and a bike ride and while this weekend was back to winter, we were able to get in a run on Saturday and Sunday before the snow hit Sunday night.  Getting back to running was tougher than I imagined but it was nice to change up the workout.
This is me running along the Hudson on Sunday morning.  You can see the ice flows behind me.

After our run we came home and did a quick round of some abs and unfortunately my running partner saw fit to throw some pillows at me.

Yoga Sunday
I ended this weekend with a session at Garden State Yoga, the new yoga studio in Hoboken. I had done hot yoga a few years ago but not in awhile and I was pretty sore from picking up running again.  The class felt great but it was definitely one of the more intense workouts I had that weekend. I had definitely forgotten how hot it can get. I definitely felt reengerized by the class through and will certainly try it again. 

I made some awesome food this weekend that I will attempt to share.  I've been trying to cook at home as often as possible. We've been making our own homemade pizza as our Saturday or Sunday treat.  But this weekend, I made some scrumptious apple/cinnamon/oat pancakes and some great chicken with veggies. Yum!