Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout #11: Burpees Galore

On Monday Zuzana Light posted a workout that involved doing 4 burpees every minute between exercises from there was born today's workout. If you've never seen a burpee - here is video of Zuzana Light from her Old BodyRock days doing one. (image is from the web - not me)

 Same as always - Jog, jacks, jump rope (3 J's) and some light stretching as well as squats and lunges to warm up the big muscle groups. Don't forget to warm up the back with some cat/cow.

I split the workout in 2 with abs in the middle...

Round 1:
5 burpees
Pushups (options - feet elevated or hands elevated) 15 total
5 burpees
Squats with heavy weights - 30 reps
5 burpees
Bicep curls 15/Overhead Press 15/Curl and Press - 10
5 burpees
Sissy squat (heels are up on a set of weights places side by side- taken from Jackie Warner so see her do it via the link) 30 resps
5 burpees
Shoulder raise
5 burpees
20 power squats up onto the step (if you don't have step, use a stair in your house or just power up and jump up straight and land lightly)

1 minute hold in plank
20 crunches center
20 crunches knees right
20 crunches knees left
20 bicycles
20 double crunches - lift hips and shoulders
10 hip raises (squeeze glutes)
10 dble crunches
10 bicycles
10 crunches knees left
10 crunches knees right
 10 crunches center
30 second plank hold
Standing up using heavy weight, hold in right hand on right side of body, bend to right, do 15 and switch.

Round 2:
5 burpees
25 lunges each leg with back foot on the step (no weights)
5 burpees
20 one-legged rows R&L
5 burpees
50 Alternating lunges light weights
5 burpees
10 side to side jumps over your rolled up mat - back and forth counts as 1
5 burpees
10 chest presses on the step or floor, 10 reverse flys, 10 skull crushers (tri), 10 tricep dips
5 burpees
10 each leg - one legged squat as low as you can go (I am nowhere near a full pistol squat and I think my knees might give out if I did one so do what you can)

DONE! And Cool down.
I got my first dirty look today with all the burpees and who can blame them it's 60 burpees total and my classes did a bang up job.  I salute them. Amazing! Below is a picture of me doing a burpee on our trip to Ireland in 2011.

Remember don't do any workout without checking with your doctor and be well and keep on tri'n.

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