Friday, September 7, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout #8: Heating Things Up! (Tread and Shred Wrkout)

Tuesday the studio was experiencing some serious heat after being closed up since 2 p.m. the previous day in observance of labor day. Classes were also looking slim as was the club - no one likes to say good bye to summer.

After doing my usual warm up of jacks, running, jump rope and stretching, I was drenched.  I did not think I could anyone's heart rates up without worrying about the impact the heat would have.  I encouraged them to drink water and decided we needed a new location to drive the heart rates up.

I had just done a treadmill workout prior to coming in to the room and thought it might be a good way to get them out get hear rates up without having anyone keel over. 

I had tucked a copy of Fitness Mag's recent article on a tread and shred workout designed by a professional and had gone through it that morning. When forced to work out on the treadmill I need a game plan and like to do intervals to burn max calories and get off. I hate the treadmill everyday. Great spinning tune! (side note).

So I did an abridged version for the class with a one minute jog, one minute butt kicks, 30 seconds side step one way, then the other for 30 secs and then back to butt kicks for one minute and one round of intervals 1 minute speed and 30 secs walking x3 sets. And one minute walk or light run cool down. About 10 minutes total.

Back in the studio we used heavy weights and no weights, keeping the head above the heart.

Heavy weights
10 squats
5 curl and press
Repeat 5 times

No weights - 25 reverse lunge and knee and 15 elevated pushups x 2. w/ the heavy weights row with one foot up on the step 10 each side.

Heavy Weights again
Dead lift x 10
Overhead press x 5
Repeat set 5 times
Chest press 15 reps x 2 one set fast, one set slow 

No weights
Curtsy squat and lift leg out to side x 20
Tricep dip x 10
x 2 sets for each.

Crunches - front, side L&R x 20
Reverse Crunch x20
Bicycles x 20
1 minute hold hallowing out abs and crunching up
release and stretch
Arms and legs up and head and chest and lower arms and legs out to side and lift up x 20
Bicycles x 20
1 minute hold hallowing out abs and crunching up
release and stretch
turn over and hold plank
release and stretch
hold plank and lift right leg up as high as you can then out to side, in and back down. repeat 10 x and then switch to left. *

I used some of the moves again when I taught abs on Wednesday. I also brought in some of my fav Krav moves like one leg burpees - making one leg squat, curl, press harder :), resting on your stomach with your arms out to the side and lifting chest up and then pressing up into plank, and also prisoner get ups (getting up w/out using your hands and crossing one leg over the other - see photo of Zuzana).  We also grabbed the ball and put it at our shins and pulled our knees in or lifted up to a plank.  We also used the ball to do hamstring curls, which I hate but are so good for you.  (Pressing heels into the ball and curling in the hammies - ouch!) Because the class was pretty quiet (2) and they are both in good shape, I was able to play around with more challenging exercises. We started off simply like I had in the previous class with the crunches and bicycles. We did the plank exercises which is no joke.  The 20 minutes we had went by quickly. Sometimes it's fun to mess around with challenging moves.

*If you wanted to do this on your own you could insert the run/walk intervals between each section of weights/no weights and cut back on the abs and have a workout that's just over an hour and gets in some great cardio. 

Before working out make sure you get clearance from a doctor.  Have fun and keep on tri'n!

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