Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pre Vacation Workout

Billy posted the weather forecasts for the local weather on our bulletin board.  We have family in Worcester and Wallingford and we are currently in Hoboken and headed to Nosara, Costa Rica tomorrow!!!!
This is the list of what to do - you can see the 4 min Tabata list in there and the Lean section!!
We leave tomorrow for Costa Rica so I wanted to get in one last big workout before we left. I had wanted to get up early and head to the gym but that didn't happen so I got there about 10am instead.  I knew I was going to the gym because it is rain y and cold and I didn't even want to walk down to local barre for a workout.  I was sorry to be late - Whoops, but it was a long week, so I'll forgive myself.

My workouts so far this week
 Monday - Elliptical and Weights and in the afternoon a run
 Tuesday - 10 min run & Bootcamp in the morning
 Wednesday - Spin the Morning and Local Barre's Open Barre at night
 Thursday - Run in the morning and Kickboxing at night
 Friday - Spinning in the morning and yoga at night
 Saturday - Run and BodyRock (TODAY)

I started with a run on the treadmill - I ran for 25 minutes (10 min at tempo, 8 min at 5k pace, 2 min at a pace one min faster than that, 1 min back at 5k pace, 2 min slow jog w/ steep incline, 1 min sprint, 1 min slow jog).

Then I moved in to workouts I'd taken from the website, which is also  I used a bar with 2 10 lb weights on each side, one 5 lb plate for the triangles in the core section, mat, medicine ball, bosu.

First the Lean Section - targets legs and butt and some upper body I used my newly downloaded crossfit timer app on my ipad. So I went for 1 min with 10 sec. rest (7 min) use bar
Clean and Press
One legged deadlift
Other leg deadlift
Bent over row
Squat bicep curl
push up

minute rest

Second the Tabata Section I made a few adjustments for a poor knee using Tabata Timer 20 on 10 off 4 min total (12 minutes)
Low Jacks
crab toe touches
side oblique burpee
pulse 3 tuck jump

minute rest or two - this section is intense

Third - Core - 50 sec on 10 off - 6 min (19 minutes)
Plank Raise Lift leg to front (At 90 degrees) I modified to my knee halfway
Triangle Press - lean to one side and target obliques w/ plate
Hover with arm circles and opposite leg up
Superman roll over pike or knees up

minute rest

Fourth - Back to Legs - Running out of time and needing to get to errands I did 2 exercises in a one minute interval w/ 10 sec breaks (24 minutes) medicine ball and bar
Min 1 - Squats with the bar/Squat Press Overhead
Min 2 - Touchdowns with med ball (squat down tap ball to floor jump turn 180 degrees tap down)/Jump Lunges
Min 3 - Wide leg squat/Pulse squat

min rest or more - put away weights

Fifth - Core - Same as above still running out of time (29)
with the Bosu ball
Min 1 - Sit on ball, rest arms behind legs bicycle in and out/forearms on ball knees in and out
Min 2 - Waist definer (sit on ball, balance, alternate raising arms)/feet on bosu lift legs target glutes
Min 3 - crunches/tap side to side

Last bit of core - 1 min each (just about 35 minutes total for an hour long workout)
legs in and out
legs in and out to one side
in and out and - on the out open legs and circle around and in

All together this took about one hour not counting pulling out the equipment and putting it away, so I was a little late getting home for 11am.  I burned 562 calories in the hour and my heart rate high was 174 and 137 average. 

This is just after I finished in the car with my awesome new bright yellow tank top from Old Navy and red sparkly headband - I was sweating!!!

Remember to talk to a doctor before starting a workout and to always keep on tri'n!

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