Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuff Wkend & Tuff Tuesday Bootylicious Workout (2/5/13)

This weekend I went back and forth between super fitness and super unhealthy, which is not good at all for my upcoming Costa Rica trip in 3 weeks. I got back on track today after eating the remainder of the ice cream from our football Sunday. Whoops! Saturday we were all about being healthy, working out frequently, leading off with a 4.5 mile run in the morning, then participating in a Spinning segment of our Successful Sky Club Spin-a-thon and Zumba-thon!!  We raised $525 for the Shelter. I also tried Zumba, which did not seem like my kind of work-out at all but my friends certainly got into it. I noticed when I went to spin all the soreness from my run 3 hours before kicked in and my legs felt like lead but we made it! I will post the playlist soon!

On Sunday my diet fell apart, and Monday I took a rest day, but today we were back to healthy eats and working out.  I took part of the workout from a Zuzka Light workout and when I did it Sunday but legs and butt were killing me so I thought in honor of Beyonce's epic performance at the Superbowl we would work our legs and butt extra hard with lots of squats and lunges.

For this workout you will need: one step with 4 risers, light weights (5lbs) and heavy weights (10-12lbs) and a ball.  

Warmup - Run/Skip/Jacks, squats, lunges, stretches, marching it out.

Section 1 50 sec on 10 sec off
Rope Skip
Jump Lunge w/light weights, curl, press arms out
5 pushups, 5 rows R, 5 pushups, 5 rows L, repeat
Jump up on Step 5x, step over, 5 leg lifts sitting on step (lean back on sit bones pull legs up and knees in), run around step repeat
Jump Squat
Arnold Press

30 Pulses (10 slow, 20 quick)
Froggie Crunch - legs at 45 degrees in diamond, pulls knees in when you push out lift head & shoulders x 15
Scissors x 15
Reverse Crunch x15
Regular Crunch x 15
on the Step sit on sit bones same as for leg lifts except bicycle legs for 20
Using the ball dig in your heels and lift your hips, 15x
Legs over the ball crunches 20x
Plank leg lifts for 20 (in your plank, lift with legs straight R & L alternating)
Forearm plank mt climbers
With feet on the step tap side to side in a plank for 10

Section 2 (50 sec on, 10 off)
with R foot on step and no weights reach down tap the floor and then reach up like you are putting a box away in a high closet shelf for 40 seconds for last 10 jump up springing up off left leg
Same thing with left foot on step
Squat Curl Press w/ heavy weight
One legged squat foot on step 30 Seconds/One Legged Dead lift 20 sec (R leg on step)
Repeat with left leg on step
With one heavy weight squats with legs wide and alternate upright rows

Squats 20x w/heavy weights
Screamer Lunge (in front of step, step back right then step up with right, drive left knee up) 10x w/ light weights
Dead lift 20x w/ heavy weights
Other side for Screamer Lunge 10x
Plie Squat 10x

Repeat Abs Section

This workout took about an hour and I burned about 500 calories so it was a darn good high energy workout. Before the workout I went for a 15 minute interval run on the treadmill. I did not use 1lb weights for skipping this week since I will be doing kickboxing later, and last week I thought my arms would fall off with all the weight lifting I did earlier in the day.  Hope that you soon start to notice some bootylicious results with your workout!

Remember to always consult with a physician before beginning a workout and Keep on tri'n!

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