Monday, July 30, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout: Tabata Inspired.

This workout started out with another buy in, which was a concept stolen from Zuzana Light.   This time instead of one exercise, I did 4 two minute intervals of high intensity cardio. Warm up as you normally would - we do a 5-7 minute warmup of stretching, squats and cardio. This is to the best of my memory since I had a BUSY Wednesday.

(30 Seconds each exercise until 2 minutes) one minute rest in between
Round 1: football run and high knees
Round 2: skater jumps and jump squats
Round 3: football run, high knees
Round 4: lunge jump, jumping jacks

1 minute rest
1 minute of burpees. Remember you don't have to do the push up or you can do it on your knees.

That should've been tough. Hope you did the best you can! :)

Weights: 20 - 30 seconds rest after each exercise

20 lunges L with a curl

20 overhead press

20 lunges R with a curl

10 dive bomber pushups

20 squats with a heavy weight

20 one leg row L

10 push ups

20 one leg row r

10 push ups

20 dead lift with row

10 push ups

Grab a ball and go the wall - squat up and down 10 times with weights in hand, pulse for 20, repeat 3x.

10 pushups on the ball - knees on ball.

10 knees in and out on the ball.

10 each L/R repeat lunge and curl with overhead press center

10 knees in and out for abs and then tricep dip (10)

Abs - Krav Maga inspired

40 crunches

10 start in downward dog, squeeze in abs, lower knees to one inch off floor

20 crunches

10 start on your stomach, arms in T, lift chest then press to a plank

10 right side crunch then 10 on L

10 reverse crunches

1 plank - 30 seconds.


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