Monday, August 6, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout #3: Olympic Inspired 7.31.12

We're back.  Sorry last week flew by without me even noticing.  This workout is from my class on 7.31.12. 

Same warm up - butt kicks, jump rope, jacks. w/u Squats and lunges with some light stretches 5-7 minutes total.

Tabata/Cardio Inspired Section:

2 min on  1 min off

A. (30 sec each ex 2x)  Football Run / High Knees

B. 10 jump lunges each side then Jacks until end of minutes, repeat.

C. (30 sec each ex 2x)  Football Run / Tap Step with Toe

D. 10 Jump Lunges High knees until end of minute, repeat.

E. Burpees for 1 minute.

Rest for 2 minutes walk around get water etc. 

Grab your ball and heavy weights head to a wall.  This is the Olympic inspired section.  I found Jordyn Wieber doing this exercise on TV and wanted to try it and incorporate it so we did it last week as well, unfortunately, I broke the mirror while I was doing it and scared the hell out of myself. This week I found a nice secure spot.

Set 1: 

10 squats with ball

Pulses for 30 Seconds

Roll ball out in front of you and complete 10 push-ups with ball at knees or shins.

Repeat x 3.

Back to Step for Sets 2 and 3:

Set 2: 

20 Reverse Lunges  R & L

10 Side Raises

10 Curl Press

Repeat x 3

Set 3 and getting onto the mat:

10 Leg Lifts each side on hands and knees

10 regular pushups

Repeat x 3


Plank Hold

3 times crunches - regular crunches, to right and to left

10 x - back lift press into plank

10 x roll ups

cool down and stretch about 40-45 minutes total workout.

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