Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tough Tuesday Workout #4 - Zuzana Inspired

This workout is inspired by one of my favorite online workout programs, Zuzana Light.  You can check out her Facebook page where she posts videos called ZWOW (Zuzana Workout of the Week) and they are pretty tough. 


Usual - light walking, running, jump rope, jacks.  Squats and lunges and stretches for 5-7 minutes.

Section A. Zuzana-inspired Section (50 seconds on 10 off)

  • 50 sec right leg kick over step and around 10 sec rest
  • Repeat with left
  • 50 sec jump lunges 10 sec rest
  • 50 sec burpees with 10 sec rest
  • 50 sec jump squat with 10 sec rest

One minute between sets x 3 sets
(This section could be done with no equipment in a hotel, cruise ship, park, home, etc.)

Section B. Weights

Heavy weights up on step, start with left step off to side for 10 reps, back for 10 reps and curtsy squat for 10 reps. Step forward with left, keep right foot on step, lunge with leg elevated on step for 10 reps. Step front leg in and set up for 10 reps dead lift.

10 overhead press.

10 curls 

With hands on the step 10 plank rows. (Holding push up position, row up with right). Then, 10 pushups, 10 rows on left.

Same set for legs on right - step side, back, curtsy, forward with right leg, dead lifts. (10x each)

10 over head press.

10 curls

Rows and pushups.

Section C. Weights and Push Ups

Light weights - squat, curl, press x 10

10 squats off side of step - Go to side of step so you're facing it the long way, put on foot on step, squat down and step up for 10.

No weights. Put the end one hand four inches from the end of the step and the other hand on the edge.  Complete 8 stagger push-ups.

Switch sides and legs, repeat on other side.   

Repeat, Squat, curl, press x 10.

Section D. Abs. 

Crunches front, flip over, plank for 20 seconds

Crunches left, left side plank 15 seconds

Crunches right, right side plank, 15 seconds

10 roll up and down with weights

10 lowering weight side to side (option to make it harder - lift up feet). targets obliques.

10 - lower back down head on floor. crunch up like normal then crunch up again but bring arms out around like  you are hugging a big giant beach ball (if it hurts your neck, keep one hand on the back of your head).

Roll up hold boat pose for 20 seconds.

Done and Cool Down.

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