Thursday, August 23, 2012

Quick Oatmeal Pancake Breakfast

When I woke up this morning it was incredibly late.  I was supposed to get up and go for a run but my late nights recently catching up on TV and trying to get through our piles of laundry caught up with me and I needed to sleep in.  They say rest is critical to training so I decided to take that seriously and get in 7 hours.  Plus, I figured I'd have a chance to run this evening and maybe even have a buddy along.  I have been very sore lately. I am not sure from what but I am feeling like I need to drag my legs up the subway steps.  Perhaps from kickboxing Tuesday. Anyway, I needed a fast breakfast I could take with me.

I had read on Run Eat Repeat about a pancake Monica made from instant oatmeal and a egg.  That sounded great with some blueberries.  Unfortunately, I had no eggs. I used my last egg on our pasta last night. I did a play on pasta carbonara.  No bacon though.  Broccoli instead.  And white beans and an extra egg for extra protein since my boyfriend had worked hard at Habitat for Humanity yesterday. It wasn't bad.  We'd had leftover spaghetti so it was easy to throw together all the ingredients except the egg and cheese and heat it up with olive oil and garlic and then remove from the heat and stir in the egg and cheese. Just try not to let things scramble.

So breakfast.  So I combined the oatmeal (Ocean Spray Cranberry Pomegranate), a little water, a tsp of chocolate whey protein and it because it still seemed like it'd flake apart due to the fact I was eggless, a tsp of almond butter. I plopped it in a skillet and it held together and flipped easily.  I put it in a to-go container with blueberries and a tbl spoon of maple syrup.  Just about 300-400 calories and easy in the morning.  And once I arrived at work to taste. Delicious - the almond butter and choc came through against the cranberry and it was a nice combo.  The texture and consistency were good.  It held up even with syrup and I put could spear a bite of pancake and blueberries without trouble. It wasn't the prettiest to look at so no pictures.  I would definitely do it again  - it's a great way to eat oatmeal.  Especially since in the summer I NEVER want to eat anything hot like oatmeal. And I love pancakes - they were my favorite food as a kid and are still to this day my favorite. They are also my favorite post triathlon treat. I often make them for Billy when we come back from biking. They are delicious but reserved for weekends since they take forever, especially since I like to play with my pancakes. Sometimes I make them from scratch and sometimes I add ingredients with the Bisquick. Usually vanilla and honey but after our Cali trip I did honey, blueberries and lemon extract. Those were good! I also have added flax and honey when I wanted to go healthy.  I always use low fat milk.  Anyway, who says you can't play with your food.


Happy morning breakfast and keep on tri'n! 

Here is a link to Run Eat Repeat's easy pancake recipe
Easiest Pancake Ever

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