Friday, July 27, 2012

An Olympic Spin

With the Olympics here it was all I could do to contain my excitement about creating a (maybe multiple) Olympic playlist for class on Friday (next week).  It was virtually impossible due to the secrecy around the ceremony to see what music they used so I picked some of my favorite British music and inspiring music.

The Olympic Spin Playlist

London Calling - Obvious choice.

Spice Up Your Life  - Brits ladies and a good one to get the heart rate up.

SuperGirl  - Favorite song of Nastia Luikin, US gymnast and 2008 Olympic all around champion.

London Bridge - Starting to climb to a lil London tribute.

'Till I Collapse - Hauling up that hill after that intro and a great one to showcase how hard the athletes work and how hard can you push.

I'm Still Standing (Live) - Flush to another England legend and then run in 2.

That's Not My Name - This English indie band is great for sprints.

We Will Rock You - Heading up a steep hill at one minute mark all you've got. 

Dog Days Are Over  - My fav English lady and flush it out then run in 2 and jumps in 2. 

Firestarter - I found out this song was going to be used and I hadn't heard it awhile so it was great for sprints.

What Makes You Beautiful - Irish/English pop boys make for a climb to the end with hill run in 2 at the chorus

Jenny Wren Paul McCartney - Sir Paul to cool down.

White Ladder - cooling down.

This was super fun and I can't wait do do another one.

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