Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tough Tuesday Workout January 28, 2013

Well, the news is in and I'll get to teach Boot Camp for another month!! And, it seems like the members must've known they should show up because I had 5 people turn up to class. I was elated since I had a big workout planned.  We took cues from and Zuzka Light.

Need:  step with 2 risers, heavy weights, 1 lb dumbells (optional), mat, ball

Warm Up
Walk, Run, Jacks, Jump Rope, squats lunges and stretches for the legs and arms and overhead reach to warm up.

HIIT Section - based on workout from BodyRocktv's HIITmax. At the top of the clock we did 50 seconds on, 10 seconds rest (Standard for BodyRock) for 11 moves alternated with jump rope.  We did not have jump ropes so we fake jump roped and they had the option to use 1 lb dumbells for added resistance.

Jump Rope
Oblique chop - (Jump Lunge holding ball, then oblique twist)
Jump Rope
Squat and Alternating Arm Raise with Heavy Weights (I had 12-15 lbs)
Jump Rope
Half burpee deadl lift with heavy weights
Jump Rope
Squat Jumps with the ball held out in front
Jump Rope
Squat Curl Press with heavy Weights
Jump Rope
Elevated Pushups (feet on step or chair)
Jump Rope
Plank on hands - tap opposite shoulder 4x and then in and out for 8
Jump Rope
Squat Upright Row
Jump Rope
Scissors (for abs - opposite shoulder/opposite leg lifts)
Jump Rope
Half burpee Jump on Step
Jump Rope
Squat Curl Press

Ball between knees, lift and squeeze knees together x 20
upper body on floor legs in and out with ball between knees x 10
repeat twice

Hamstrings - feet on ball, lift hips, roll feet in and out x 10
Roll ups x 8
repeat twice

Diamonds in and out - legs at 45 degrees, heels together in a diamond, press feet in and out x10
Reverse crunch x 10
repeat twice

Legs and Arms - from Zuzka Light
I changed this workout slightly to add more weights

10 Squats with heavy weighs
10 Pushups (5 on each side) left leg stacked on right, then right on left
Wood Choppers - 10 each side

repeat for total of 3 rounds

cool down and stretch. 

This workout was INTENSE!! So as always check with a doctor before starting any workout and keep on tri'n!

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