Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pre Cookie Holiday Workout

I did this workout on December 11th - since then I haven't had much time for posting and I came down with a very bad flu and couldn't get motivated through the holidays.  One of the ol' resolutions is to keep the blog up so I will do my best.

Warmup - bring the heart rate up with jacks, running in place and jumping rope and do some stretching for flexibility also some light moves w.out weights (ie. lunges, squats).

Hiit intervals 4 x 20 on 10 off 1 min in between
Round 1
Jump on step
High knees
Side to side jump
Squat thrust

Round 2
Power squat with weights
Side to side jump over weights
Football run

Repeat first one

Squat curl press 10
Pushups 10
Repeat twice

1 min each Power squat & Squat heavy weights repeat twice

1 min each Mt climber & Rows repeat twice

30 seconds each Lunge jump & Lunge back side with curl, side raise light weights
Repeat on other side for other 30 seconds, repeat twice

One leg on step knee repeater
Tricep dips 10
Repeat on other leg, tris

Chest press 15, 10, 5 bicycles25, 20, 15

Curl press light weights

Crunch 25
Crunch arms out lift higher 15
Plank tap knees

Reverse crunch
Diamond crunch
Knees in out and scissors
Plank left leg up then switch

Roll up and down
Side plank
Side crunch laying on side
Cool down

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