Thursday, January 10, 2013

Healthy Dipped Strawberries

After dinner I always love a little snack of something and fruit simply never seems to satisfy, but I promised myself I'd put away the nutella, the ice cream and the cookies for the sake of our upcoming vacation.

The newest food network magazine came today and with it - a dessert idea.  I made some variations on the recipe and crafted this...

Healthy Dipped Strawberries
Mix a few spoonfuls vanilla or plain Greek yogurt with a dash of good vanilla and honey in a bowl
In another bowl mix together a few tbsps of brown sugar with heaping spoonfuls of granola I was about a 3-1 ratio.
Dip cleaned berries in the yogurt to coat and then roll in granola
Set on a plate on let chill in fridge - I had them in there for an hour and they were firmed up and the brown sugar got a little drizzly.


these were bar non - my favorite low cal dessert recipe.  I will be making them again soon!

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