Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Finally - Post Sandy Stress Reliever Workout

Due to Hurricane Sandy - the gym in Hoboken had been closed for a week and upon reopening had no early AM classes, meaning no workouts for me, especially with the commute taking forever.  I had been meaning to venture over there since we opened over the weekend but the sunny weather drew me outside to run, especially in prep for our RUN DISNEY experience this weekend.  But our storm blowing in for today and dropping temps meant I wanted to take my workout inside.

So with the help of FB and Twitter, this morning a fellow instructor and I met with a member to FINALLY get in a little bit of cardio and weights in the gym.  It was a nice break from running and my quads and calves were on fire, especially with all the extra stair climbing post Sandy.  5 flights up and down plus lots of subway stairs.  Goodness!

We also got in a good pre workout trekking up the 7 flights to Sky Club in Hoboken.  We alternated instructors for 2-3 minutes for about 45 minutes, getting in a good workout and burning 400-500 calories. YES! I am hoping I remembered everything we did - hopefully if I missed something trying to remember between this morning and work - it can be added in the comments. Thanks!

Post Sandy Stress Reliever Workout
Need: Step with one riser, mat, heavy and light weights

3 laps around the Studio
Side Step (L&R Lead) 2 laps
1 lap of High Knees
1 minute run
1 minute jacks (holy calves)
1 minute jump rope (again!)

2 minutes up and over on a low step
1 minute of burpees


2 minutes - Off the skinny edge of step mt climbers (try to get your feet to the outside of the step)
4 cts and 4 cts jump lunge.

1 minute of squats with heavier weights


1 minute per side - leg lift and row (L leg extends up as you reach down with right hand and row up with weight in left hand - my compliments to Kerry) Alt L&R side.
1 minute holding boat pose from Pilates (hard!!)


2 minutes burpee with a pushup in front of the step step forward and knee up on the step (alternate sides)
1 legged squat, curl and press (L&R)


1 minute of upper body work (side raise, press front with straight arms, pull back, lift up and release to sides - another killer Kerry combo)
1 minute row and tricep press.


1 minute Low Jack on the Step 
1 minute power squat (stay low and jump, land softly) with hands interlaced behind your head


30 seconds for obliques - side plank (fully extended or knee down) reach hand that's in the air under your side
30 seconds hold
Switch sides


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