Monday, May 23, 2011

Start of the Season!

Yesterday was the start of triathlon season - despite the dreary weather it was a great race! I did the Independence day triathlon at Eisenhower Pool on Long Island. The one thing I love about racing on Long Island - delicious post race bagels! The race was a nice way to ease my way into the season with a 500 yard swim, 6 mile ride and 2.25 mile run. The race usually takes place on Independence Day and I've actually never started the season this early (this is my 3rd year experimenting with triathlons) but it felt great to get started and was an excellent motivator to keep going. Despite having kept up with the healthy eating and exercising since the half marathon, last week I hit a bit of a wall with Billy's birthday and him being away - I had no desire to cook anything so today we're starting over. I can't wait to post the pics that Billy took from the race. Today we're heading to the gym to teach spin and because of the pouring rain we'll probably hit the treadmill for a 20-30 min interval workout and then some intervals and weights and hit the spin bike. I don't mind running in a drizzle or getting caught in rain but heading out in a downpour is not for me.

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