Friday, May 13, 2011

Six months in...six months to go...

They say "live and learn" and that expression could not be more fitting today. After having worked very hard yesterday to update my blog and put new and exciting recipes and more on there...I somehow managed to lose everything. Having managed a blog on blogspot for work this is now both embarrassing and infuriating! The ideal calm I gained in yoga an hour ago flew out the window. Technology is both a gift and a curse, no?

I am trying to remember where I left off ...
So I recently hit 30 and I hit the ground running. After a fantastic 30th birthday amongst friends, which I barely remember but from what I can ascertain from the pictures was a ton of fun, I hit a brick wall at the end of the year. The end of the year was bit less than fantastic, kind of the very longest hangover headache I've ever had, but I am working my way back - trying to accomplish a few goals before my 31st birthday on 10/15.

I've been struggling with a thesis for 3 years now, entering my 3rd triathlon season, training for my 3rd half marathon and hoping to bounce back out of my semi-retirement into full-time employment soon. While I procrastinate and search, I've been taking in reruns and also training hard and taking an enthusiastic interest in cooking. So I'll keep triing and hopefully everyone can share in my success and encourage me through the failures.

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