Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tough Tuesday Workout & Weekly Workouts (Fairfield Half)

Tough Tuesday Workout - 2,4,6, 8 Who Feels Great?!

This was the 2nd of the my Z Cardio and Strength combinations with some variations for this early morning bootcamp class. You are adding reps each time and I added the one minute of jump rope in between so it made it a little longer and a little harder.

What you need: two sets of weight - I had 8's and 12's, mat, bench and a mat

Warm Up - Jog, Jacks and Jump Rope, Wide Leg Pushups (3), Squats and Lunges  (about 20 of each) and stretching for the hip flexors, shoulders, calves, etc. 

Section 1 - Cardio 
I used the ZCUT Power Cardio 2 to lay out this workout making a few small edits for my class

*One minute of jump rope in between each workout, those that moved through the workout quick started jump roping right away so they got a few added bonus seconds. 

10 prisoner get ups
20 box jumps onto the step
30 side to side jumps over a barbell
40 skaters
50 pendulums
60 high knees plank (this one we all stayed together)
70 squat jumps

Section 2 -  Strength

4 Rounds
10 backward and forward lunge
10 pushups with a row
5 competition burpees
10 deadlifts


Crunches - 20
Plank with knee tuck - 10
Double Crunch- 20 
Forearm Plank with knee  tap - 10
Hold Plank 30 seconds

Everyone has said the past few weeks have been very tough, so we'll keep going :)

Weekly Workout Summary - Week of 6/17

Monday - Nothing after running 11 + miles on Sunday in the extreme heat, I was exhausted.
Tuesday - Above workout and short run
Wednesday - Bike and Swim
Thursday - Running about 3+ miles at night while listening to the symphony in Hoboken after house cleaning
Friday - Bike
Saturday -Bike ride around the course of the Fairfield Half Marathon, which got us really nervous because there were a shite ton of hills, crazy hills! We started the bike from Sherwood Island.  And this is the view.
View from our car to Sherwood Island
Sunday -Fairfield Half, which was hot and little disappointing, though my goal was only to finish, I would have liked to run faster instead of being bested by the heat. But, we made it in the heat and humidity and we crossed the finish line. 
 Fairfield Half Marathon
Surprisingly I was not nervous before the race, but I think I should have been, since when we went out on the course there were some pretty steep hills.  We went out to do what we thought would be a leisurely bike ride but we hit the hills and thought uh-oh.  We had been training to do the Liberty State Park Fleet Week Half and then got sick and the race was cancelled and never got our groove back despite signing up for the race, both of us have been too busy at work. Blech. The race was hot but it was a lot of fun. The people of Fairfield were amazing.  They had sprinklers out, music, ice cold lemonade, even beer, which Billy grabbed at the end.  I just couldn't make it up those HILLS. But the scenic views were pretty amazing. CT has great Coastline!  They did run out of cups at some of the water stations so that made planning water stops tricky. 

But I have still never been so hot (nor have I done a race in June) like this, at the end, it ended at Jennings Beach and my feet and legs felt so hot and sore, so I ran (really hobbled) right into the water.  In my socks. HOT! Afterwards, I collapsed. I had slowly been moving my times back down towards 2:40, with a race at 2:45 and 2:48 but this race took me about 3 hours so it was very disappointing but walking up the steep hills that came after mile 6 really slowed us down and so did the stretch of sun after mile 11. :(.  So I am looking forward to training all this summer and picking a race in the Fall with a flatter course.
Collapsed on Jennings Beach After the Fairfield Half Marathon

We got this really cool shirt from the race.  At first I thought all we were getting was a bandana but they had these on the beach. Score!! Tech shirt! 

After the race, I ate at Shake Shack and had a root beer float and some of a PB shake and very little of a shroom burger.  I like liquids after racing.  It was my parent's anniversary and that was their post race pick! Yes, I wore the race shirt.  We crawled in traffic home and made it home in time to go see the Red Bulls game on Pier A and have a few beers.  Then we put our still aching feets in some water.

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