Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tough Tuesday Workout: Fitness Celebrity Shred (3/26)

Last week I got my brand new copy of Fitness Magazine with Jillian Michael's on the cover.  I happened to be thumbing through the article the night before boot camp and decided to use the 3-2-1 concept. In case you did not get a chance to check out the article - it's here. I had to make some changes to fit in an hour long format  but all in all it worked out pretty well - thanks Jillian!

Amazing side crow - I am always working on mine!

What you need: two sets of weight - I had 8's and 15's, towel, strap, mat, step
The concept behind the 321 is 3 sculpt exercises, 2 cardio and 1 minute of abs.  I used by Gymboss to give us 10 rounds of 50 sec on and 10 sec off for 10 rounds of 3 and 2 and did 4 minutes of abs at the end and one minute rest for 3 rounds of 15.

Warm Up - Jog, Jacks and Jump Rope, Wide Leg Pushups (3), Squats and Lunges  (about 20 of each) and Stretching.

50 Seconds On - 10 off with Gymboss
Sculpt: One legged row with heavy weights - switch half way
Sculpt: Wood chop with heavy weights - switch half way
Sculpt: Dive bomber pushup
Cardio: Mt climber
Cardio: Jump squat
Sculpt: Squat curl w/band
Sculpt: Side squat reverse fly w/ light weights
Sculpt: Tricep w/ band
Cardio: Leg slide w/towel
Cardio: Step jump

1 minute - light weights - crunch w/fly
1 minute - bicycles
1 minute - crunches
1 minute - plank

Repeat for two more rounds 2 with one minute of rest in between total of 45 minutes plus the warm up and cool down is one hour.

cool down

Remember to always check with a doctor before doing any exercise and to always keep on tri'n!

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