Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tough Tuesday Workout: Back for More (4.2.13)

I called this one "back for more" because you keep coming back to one base move and alternating that with the other exercises. I definitely got reports back that this one was a killer and everyone thought the kettlebells would be so easy - WRONG! 

What you need: two sets of weight - I had 8's and 15's, mat, step and kettlebell
 I used by Gymboss to give us 10 rounds of 50 sec on and 10 sec off for 10 rounds.

Warm Up - Jog, Jacks and Jump Rope, Wide Leg Pushups (3), Squats and Lunges  (about 20 of each) and Stretching.

Round 1 
With Alternating Lunges

One Leg Row R
One Leg Row L
bicep curl - light weight
overhead press - light weight

Abs with the ball (20 of each)
taps - legs straight up, ball in hands, reach to toes which are up
reverse curl w/ ball
crunch legs over ball
side to side - tap ball on each side
bridge on the ball  - 10 of these
crunch legs over
hamstrings roll in and out with the ball - 10 of these
roll ups

Round 2
with kettlebell swing
pushups cross R leg
pushups cross L leg
mt climbers
one leg squat curl press L - light weight
one leg squat curl press R

Abs - no ball
reverse crunch
plank - knee taps
shrimps - for the obliques - twist and lift the body in a circle
plank with twist knees side to side

Round 3
with heavy weight squat
one leg dead lift R
one leg dead lift L
half burpee up right row alternate - use kettlebell
alternating side lunges with reverse fly - light weight

cool down

Remember to always check with a doctor before doing any exercise and to always keep on tri'n!

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