Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tough Tuesday Workout: 100 Burpee Blast Workout (4.16.13)

100 Burpee Blast Workout

After the success of last week's 500 squats I thought, "what could be better than that?"  The answer: 100 burpees.  Who doesn't love a good challenge and despite a hatred for burpees, it was a tossup as to which was tougher - the burpees or the squats.  Some quads were on fire!

What you need: two sets of weight - I had 8's and 15's, mat, step and ball. Workout is not timed is #'s of reps inside the hour we have

Warm Up - Jog, Jacks and Jump Rope, Wide Leg Pushups (3), Squats and Lunges  (about 20 of each) and Stretching.

Round 1
10 burpees in between
one arm rows - 15 each
10 burpees
squat curl press - 15
10 burpees
front and side raise - 10
10 side burpees - side to side no pushup
20 alternating lunges
10 side burpees- side to side
15 squats

20 crunches feet up on ball
side to side twist - 10
20 crunches feet up on ball
pushups and knees in and out - 10 each
20 crunches feet up on ball
v-ups - 10
20 crunches feet up on ball

Round 2
10 burpees with a jump on step
alternating lunges - 20
10 burpees with upright row alternating
one legged dead lift with heavy weights- 15 each side
10 burpees - step up with weight in left hand
left row, bench press - 10 each
10 burpees step with weight right
right row, bench fly - 10 each
10 burpees
squat curl press - 15

Bis & Tris
curl press - 15
curls - 10
halfway up - 10
halfway down - 10
all the way up and down - 5
tricep dips - 10

crunch - 20
hover and tap knees - 10
repeat 2x

cool down stretching

Remember to always check with a doctor before doing any exercise and to always keep on tri'n!

My favorite burpee pic! From Ireland! With love!

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