Saturday, July 13, 2013

ZCut Week #3: Knees Up

I had missed a week of posting the Zcut Cardio Workouts and wanted to make sure I got this one in. It was rough. It was the week after I had done the Fairfield marathon and the kickoff of NYC's heat wave.  That week I did not do much running.   I did some light running Thurs, Friday and then on Saturday we went for a longer (5 mile) run. 

This workout was AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

What you need: two sets of weight - I had 8's and 12's, bench and a mat

Warm Up - Jog, Jacks and Jump Rope, Wide Leg Pushups (3), Squats and Lunges  (about 20 of each) and stretching for the hip flexors, shoulders, calves, etc.

Section 1 - 10 minutes
10 lateral burpees - jump over the step push up then jump back over, you could also jump over your mat or walk over the step.  I had to take breaks since my legs were screaming from the run.
20 crab toe touches
10 ab splitters
10 mt climbers, 10 jacks on the step
20 lunge jumps

Break - 4 minutes

Section 2 - 10 minutes
10 overhead squat
10 lunge twists
10 side burpees
10 pike press knee tuck

Break - 2 minutes

Repeat Section 1 

Break! - 2 minutes

Weights - 2x through
10 pistol squats each side
10 plie squat
10 dive bombers
10 curl press 

This one was HARD!!! I thought I was going to lose it afterwards.  I practically fell in the pool for my swim.  Wed was a spin day, and so was Friday and Sunday we went for a bike ride in the most humid weather I've ever seen up to the Cloisters, which were beautiful.  Then we rode down through Central Park and back down the West Side Highway, it was about 23 miles total. I wanted to do a little more but someone was starving!

View from the bikes. 

That weekend also happened to be pride so we had this great view.
Not our picture. I borrowed it from WIO but we could see this from our building. 

That night I made this incredible pasta from Ina Garten, which was cheesey and delicious. It's called midnight spaghetti and included parsley from our local farmer's market, which we went to on Saturday and bought all sorts of veggies and fish.

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