Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shake Your Tail Feather - Thanksgiving Spin

Wednesday Pre-Turkey Thanksgiving Spin - 50 minutes.

Young Blood 4:07 The Naked and Famous Passive Me Aggressive You (warm-up)

Track 10 3:48* Up in 2 jog for 20 sec - drop down touch right, pick up pace 45 sec, 15 sec jog in 2, repeat until song ends)

Firework 3:48 Katy Perry Teenage Dream (Deluxe Edition), seated climb, faster intervals at chorus

Good Vibrations 4:29 Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch & Loleatta Holloway, back to flat, 30 sec rest, 4x 45 tempo, 15 sec sprints

Howlin' for You 3:12 The Black Keys Brothers, 30 sec rest, 1 min up in 3, 30 sec in saddle on flat - repeat

30 sec recovery then entering rolling hills (my favorite), 4x - 1 min in saddle (no bouncing, working hard 80% of heart rate), add a seated climb 30 sec, then 15 sec increase the pace - shoot up to 3 for one minute get that heart rate to 92%, then recover in 2 on a flat for 30 sec. You should end in time with 4th song - use that last 20 sec to sit in the saddle get water, etc. They should have worked HARD 4x.
We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris) 3:36 Rihanna We Found Love
We R Who We R 3:25 Ke$ha We R Who We R
Bulletproof 3:26 La Roux La Roux (Bonus Track Version)
What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) 3:42 Kelly Clarkson Stronger

Shake It Out 4:38 Florence + The Machine Ceremonials, seated climb

Marry the Night 4:25 Lady GaGa Born This Way, shake it out 1 min in 2 jog, start on a flat and every 45-60 sec add a good turn right and keep the pace like you are headed into the wind by the end the heart rate is hard and you are working on the highest intensity

Thank You 5:07 Duran Duran With Honors Soundtrack, cool down
Favorite Year 4:29 Dixie Chicks Taking The Long Way, cool down

*Editor's Note - long ago I copied tons of spin music from my friend Tara who was big into dance and techno - the song titles were not copied so unfortunately this girl has alot of dance and techno music that's unnamed - find a good song with a quick beat that's 3:45 to sub in.

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