Tuesday, November 15, 2011

HIIT and HEAT - healthy recipe and high intensity workout

Last night I made a great dinner. I know it was good because Billy actually liked it and it was gone before I could take a picture. I based the recipe on a Giada at Home recipe, which was on yesterday. She cooked a whole chicken with a rosemary, mustard butter. Since cooking a whole chicken was too much work and we are trying to eat healthier - I amended the recipe a bit.

Rosemary Mustard Chicken with Vegetable Bolognese
In a bowl I mixed together 2 tbsp of plain greek yogurt, 2 tbsp of honey dijon mustard and chopped up rosemary (about 1 sprig) with a lil salt and pepper. I soaked the chicken in the mixture and then placed the chicken in a 375 degree oven in a dish with reynolds wrap and Pam.

Heat a lil olive oil in a big nonstick pan. Chop up roughly 2 red peppers and 4-5 carrots (mine were super skinny) in a pan on medium heat. Let heat up for 5 minutes. Add some S&P. Chop up a box of cremini mushrooms. Put them in the pan. Let the mushrooms brown - add a can of diced tomatoes (no salt). Then add some rosemary, thyme and a lil oregano. Let sit for 20 minutes. The veggies get tender and absorb the tomatoes and it's delish.

Scoop the veggie mixture on the plate and layer the Chicken on top. The chicken stays moist and the veggies make a kick-ass sauce. You could add whole wheat pasta or brown rice if you wanted but we ate it as is. You can also use the veggie mixture on it's own with pasta. So if you make a double portion of the veggie mix and use it the next night.

I didn't feel like I was moving enough in the morning and banging it out so I wanted to use the HIIT concept and get going for 3 two to three minute intervals. If you have not heard about HIIT training see here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High-intensity_interval_training

We started with our warm-up and then did a little aerobic workout to raise the heartrates.

Then we did 30sec intervals jump rope and power squats for 3 rounds. My heart rate was up to 175. Then we kept moving got some water and grabbed our heavy weights for a set of 15 each of squats, rows, clean and press, lunges and tricep (french press).

Lil march and then using the step we did 20 sec plank jacks on the step, jump up and side to side plyo jump. 2 minutes, 3 rounds. Then we used our lighter weights and did a curtsy squat off the step, 15 and 10 pulses L&R with side raises in between. Then spiderman push-ups, a set of 10. Heavy weight one handed rows and then down on the mat for staggered arm push-ups, 10 on the R&L. Then come all the way down and tuck your arms in by your sides and extend straight ahead and come up on your forearms. Press into your palms and come up.

Then we stood up and did lunges with a front raise, wood choppers. Then for the obliques, lean to one side and center. L&R.

Then jump rope 20 sec, high knees, 3 rounds.

Abs - crunches, 20. Side crunch, 20 L&R. Reverse crunch, 20. Table top. Leg raises in tabletop R&L, 10 each side. Forearm plank, push up to plank knee cross 10x each, come down to rest in tabletop 5 sec, 3x repeat. Side plank L&R, thread the needle 5x each. Boat pose, knees in and out, twist side to side.

Cool down.

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