Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Helleva Holiday Week Workout: A big HIIT!

It's back -- the Thanksgiving pre-panic. In preparation for Thanksgiving, in addition to stocking up on turkey stock, pumpkin pie and whipped cream, people are trying to shed those last few pounds before they pack everything back on Thursday. I noticed I had several more people in my classes or new people who normally I don't see in the gym. Regardless of how you are attacking the holiday gain - there are plenty of ways to avoid the extra pounds -

A. Plenty of gyms offer their own Thanksgiving day menu - try a pre-turkey zumba, spin or step class before the turkey.
B. Go for a run - Turkey Trots are as popular as turkey - and some let you sign up on race day - and get a free t-shirt.
C. Grab the Kids and a football (rugby ball) and head to the park - the days not just about watching it on TV.
D. Make sure you look at what you're eating instead of swallowing it whole. Also try some new green veggies for Thanksgiving - give your tired String Bean Casserole a break for Giada's sauteed green beans or perhaps Ina's roasted brussel sprouts. YUM!!

And if you do end up trying the pumpkin, apple, and pecan pies - know this, as Denise Austin says, tomorrow is another day. Friday you'll get back on your regularly scheduled programming.

I am absolutely in LOVE with the concept of HIIT training - high intensity interval training. I find myself using it frequently in my Bootcamp class. And it's a big hit or "hiit."

Bootcamp Class
Warm-up 5-7min - we do the same warm-up each week - you can bring your own
I like to bring the heart rate up a bit from the warm-up - we did some light kickboxing here - some punches, knees (alternate) side kicks L&R, front kicks, back kicks, jacks, speed bag, lunge, football runs.

Then grabbed some water and we did our first weights/HIIT set

Using heavy weights
One weight held in 2 hands reverse lunge side twist 10x
reverse fly 10x
other side
10 squats, 10 pushups

First High Intensity set
20 sec 1/2 burpee jump turn 1/2 burpee. 10 sec rest
20 sec high knees 10 sec rest
repeat 3x


Then using heavy weights again up on the step- curtsy squat 10x and reverse lunge, 10x, R
tricep dips
repeat set on Left
tricep dips
Sitting on the step, relax back on sit bones and knees in and out, front, side, left, 20x
wide plie squat with overhead triceps 10x


Second HIIT set
MT climbers with hands on step, 4x
4 jump lunges
alternate for 45 sec.
15 sec rest
moderate weights using the step - step knee with a curl - 45 sec
15 sec rest
back to Climbers/lunge


Grab your light weights hold overhead - kick left step or lunge back - repeat 10x switch
row to the stomach, row to the chest
sit on the step - chest press

repeat the 3 point abs on the step
relax it back - straight up crunches, obliques - elbow to knee, reverse crunch
bicycles x20
off the step - plank off the step hold 15 sec, 10x knee to opposite shoulder L&R, 5 sec rest on knees, repeat twice.

Cool Down.

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