Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tough Tuesday Workout: March 12, 2013

Today's workout was super tough.  I took some ideas from the dailyhiit.com so I could use my super awesome new gymboss that I had ordered on Amazon.This workout combined a super tough cardio interval (that had pushups to help with no weight toning) with some sculpt moves with weights to really tone the arms and legs. You'll be burning calories long after the workout is over. Below is the breakdown. You'll need a a bar with heavy weights on either end, a stretchy band, and a mat.

Super Fun for Making Sure You Hiit Those Intervals!

We started with our regular warmup - jog, jack and jump rope (The 3 J's) and then walk out pushups (5) and stretches and some light (no weights) lunges and squats. Then we took the intensity up a lot . This class must have been tough because the members I had in the class were telling me in spin the next morning how tired they were and how there shoulders were burning.  

Burpee circuit - included 5 exercises that we did for 50 sec on/10 off for 2 rounds
Me Burpeeing in Ireland

Burpee No pushup big jump
High knees
Burpee upright row
Low jacks
Diamond pushups

Sculpt Set - 10 of each with weighted bar
Squat curl press
One leg dead lift - L
Switch one leg dead lift on R
Squat with curl

Band circuit - we used an exercise band with 2 handles on each end for this circuit
Squat swing
Squat curl with band
Lean back pull back band - works soldiers (sitting on the floor wrap band around feet, lean back 45 degrees and pull elbows back)
Diamond pushups

Repeat sculpt moves

Abs - stolen from original BodyRocker Zuzka-#59!! - zuzkalight.com/workouts
Lunge twist on L& R (10 each side)
Circle around world on knees (circle heavy weight around from L hip over head to R and reverse)
Pushups step up one leg next to hands rotate to one side and switch, 10
Mt climbers, 20
Side skips, 10
Plank - 30 seconds

Cool Down and Done!
Despite the dismal weather - it' time to start getting in running shape again and some good cardio helps get there!

Remember to keep on tri'n and always check with a doctor before starting any workout!

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