Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekly Workouts: Burning Boot Camp & Rolling Hills Spin

After Monday this week was flying by.  I posted Tuesday morning about my latest smoothie concoction and have been meaning to post here again in regards to my weekly workouts.  This weekend my friend Jen and I (same friend I ran the very hilly More Half with) are doing the Ten Penny Ale Shamrock duathlon.  The race is two 5Ks separated by a 16 mile bike ride. My thought was that this would be good race prep and a nice way to gauge how well I am training and how prepared I am for the Olympic race I am dying to take on.  This week I ended up teaching an extra Spin class on Monday, which was good because the New York city area was hit by rain all the beginning of the week.  Since I was at the gym I was able to make myself run. I hate the treadmill so whenever I have to use it I play games on it. Either surges or a fartlek or tempo changes every five minutes. 

Tuesday, I taught the bootcamp class and I took my motivation from They've been doing videos on burn and sculpt and I thought that might make a good class.  I combined high energy "burn" movements with high weight sculpt moves.  We did 5 heart pumping moves, ie. Jumps in the step, toe touch pushups with burpees, wood choppers, skater jumps etc.  We alternated this with 4 or 5 sculpt moves using a high weight. I used 15lbs for lunges, bicep curls, lunges, dead lift, overhead press, etc.  I had 2 sets of burn moves and 2 of sculpt moves and after the warm up each set too about 5 minutes so all together 40 minutes total. It is a 55 minute class.  We cooled down with abs and I can tell you I felt it. Wednesday!

I had started using a second Olympic tri training plan in conjunction with the tri plyo one.  This one is from Runner's World UK.  It gives more detailed workouts, which is especially nice for the pool, when I am usually out of ideas. I felt I was getting more out of my two pool workouts. 

To prep fori the season and provide a good spin workout I did rolling hills on Wednesday and Friday. One minute flat in the saddle, thirty seconds on a seated climb with the last ten seconds alll out and then a one minute climb in three.  My new favorite tunes for spin are David Guetta and Sia Titanium, Nicki Minaj Starships, and Calvin Harris Let's Go.  For running I am liking Wild Ones and Breathe Carolina blackout.

Wish us luck this weekend!

Happy training and keep tri'n!

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