Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Title!

I decided, with a lot of thought and input from friends, to change up the name of my blog. Thanks to the friends who took part in my email poll. It took a lot of pondering, trying to decide what meant most to me, but I think Pasta (which I eat a lot of) and Power squats, most closely identifies the crux of what I want to convey.

I will Keep on Tri'n and that is still in the title - but it was also important to me that the name and URL start to match up. I will use this space mostly to post recipes, hopefully get some new ideas for cookin', and posting bootcamp workouts and spin profiles. Speaking of which - I was so excited this past Tuesday to have a half dozen people out for bootcamp at 6am and I think we got one hell of a workout. They asked where I get my ideas from and I told them my secrets - I love, Men's Health, Fitness, and my old boss who had some zinger moves. Here was our workout - a Plank and Pushup Paradise!

Warm - Up
Round 1
-Using a bench, face sideways with one foot on step, squat low step up L (10x) (weights optional)
-Switch Sides to R (10x)
-Jump push up (5x)
Repeat 3x

Cardio interval - 90 sec rope skip, football run with jump turn in all directions, 8x power squats

Round 2
-One leg squat with weights on L (10x)
-One leg squat with weights on R (10x)
-Super girl push up (3x each side) extend opposite arm and leg
Repeat 3x
Cardio Interval - same as above

Round 3
- Side step with weights - step wide (10x)
- Staggered arm push up (5x)
Repeat 4x

Challenge -
Ten pendulums either standing or on hands in a downward dog position for a super challenge, Drop onto the floor, roll over arms overhead, pop up on all fours, lower to forearms, tap side to side with feet OR for a super challenge jump right left 10x, drop down roll back, repeat 3x.

Recover with lighter weights in hand - 20 reverse lunges with bicep curl, alternating R&L. Deep Breathe and do 10 FrenchPresses for triceps. Finish with 10 Overhead Press.

ABS - Plank - 10 sec hold, 5 sec drop - repeat 5x. Roll over, plain crunches 20x; side crunch, rolling to one side R&L; plank with knees to chest 3x each side then outside elbow 3x each side; repeat plain and side crunches, boat pose lower and lift back up. For the back - cat/cow

Cool Down

It was quite a work out and burned about 500 calories in less than one hour. I am looking forward to posting more workouts, spin profiles, and exciting recipes soon! I have great soup ideas as the snow rolls (my lemon parsley chix noodle and roasted cauliflower w/ veg soup) as well as the new pasta recipe I am going to test out on my friends for the big HoBOOken 5k this weekend.

Keep on Tri'n! & Remember - Work Hard, Play Harder, Eat Hearty & Healthy!

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