Saturday, March 24, 2012

Quick Cooking: Fast and Healthy

I am typically running from one meeting to the next and constantly in a rush to squeeze in a workout before running to work so I am trying to find new ways to satisfy my hunger and not eat junk food.  I made a deal with myself which I mentioned in a previous post to cook dinner 5-6 times a week and bring lunch to work a few days a week. The salad bar can be a dangerous place if you don’t know what you’re doing.  

In the past week while I was exhausted while I didn't really COOK I did come up with fool proof quick and easy recipes for days you just can't bring yourself to do any cooking. 

After a long run when it was cold I was eating oatmeal but I usually and unfortunately find myself starving 5 minutes later.  However thanks to seeing Run Eat Repeat mix it with PB (at which I first thought - GROSS! but then "eh").  I started mixing MY OATMEAL with peanut butter.  I took it in a Ziploc container or from a snack pack to work and I find a can make a satisfying meal with no fuss that lasts longer than 10:45.  And when it's warm - I always love smoothies while getting ready.   

This week I made a quick stir fry that used pre-cut bought veggies from Garden of Eden and a can of tuna paired with lime and soy sauce it was super easy and no extensive cooking or multi-pots required. Last week for dinner, as I mentioned I wasn’t doing swell making dinners aside from pasta and peanut butter but I also made a relatively healthy pizza using tortillas. I had leftover sauce and no energy to cook pasta – heated up the oven put the tortilla on Reynolds wrap and covered with sauce and a little low fat cheese.  Couldn’t be easier and it was delicious cut up like a pizza or rolled like a tortilla – pair with salad – done! Just like this post. Happy and Healthy!

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